Physics of Sound 301
Spring 2005


Course Supervisor and Lecturer: Prof. Jack Hughes, Busch Campus, Serin-307, Tel: (732)445-0980, e-mail:

Teaching Assistant and Laboratory Instructor: Young Jai Choi, Busch Campus, SRN-229W, Tel: (732)445-0298, e-mail:

Textbook: The Science of Sound, 3rd Edition, by T.D. Rossing, F.R. Moore, & P.A. Wheeler (required) available from the bookstore.

Overview: The scientific basis of sound: waves, vibrating systems, normal modes, Fourier analysis and synthesis, perception and measurement of sound, noise, musical instruments, room acoustics, sound recording and reproduction, electronic synthesizers, and digital sound.

Format: The course consists of 2 lectures and 1 laboratory session each week.

Grading and Assessment: Final grades will be based on the following elements

Announcements: Special announcements will be posted on the web. The home page for the course is

Office Hours: Your TA will announce his office hour the first week of class. You may also come by Prof. Hughes' office anytime or send him questions via e-mail.


Two terms of introductory physics and two terms of calculus. Primarily for science majors.

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