Refereed publications

Citation statistics are available here. Papers led by my (current and recent) students are highlighted below.

R118 The Star-Forming Interstellar Medium of Lyman Break Galaxy Analogs
J.F. Wu, A.J. Baker, T.M. Heckman, E.K.S. Hicks, D. Lutz, & L.J. Tacconi
2019, ApJ, submitted
R117 A Precision Measurement of the Mass of the Black Hole in NGC3258 from High-Resolution ALMA Observations of its Circumnuclear Disk
B.D. Boizelle, A.J. Barth, J.L. Walsh, D.A. Buote, A.J. Baker, J. Darling, & L.C. Ho
2019, ApJ, submitted
R116 On the uncertainties of results derived from HI spectral line stacking experiments
E. Elson, A.J. Baker, & S.L. Blyth
2019, MNRAS, submitted
R115 Resolved Molecular Gas and Star Formation Properties of the Strongly Lensed z = 2.26 Galaxy SDSSJ0901+1814
C.E. Sharon, A.S. Tagore, A.J. Baker, J. Rivera, C.R. Keeton, D. Lutz, R. Genzel, D.J. Wilner, E.K.S. Hicks, S.S. Allam, & D.L. Tucker
2019, ApJ, submitted
R114 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: CO(J = 3 — 2) mapping and lens modeling of an ACT-selected dusty star-forming galaxy
J. Rivera, A.J. Baker, P.A. Gallardo, M. Gralla, A.I. Harris, M. Hilton, K.M. Huffenberger, J.P. Hughes, C.R. Keeton, C.H. López-Caraballo, T.A. Marriage, B. Partridge, J. Sievers, A.S. Tagore, F. Walter, A. Weiß, & E.J. Wollack
2019, ApJ, submitted (arXiv:1807.08895)
R113 GMRT 610 MHz observations of galaxy clusters in the ACT equatorial sample
K. Knowles, A.J. Baker, J.R. Bond, P.A. Gallardo, N. Gupta, M. Hilton, J.P. Hughes, H. Intema, C.H. López-Caraballo, K. Moodley, B.L. Schmitt, J. Sievers, C. Sifón, & E. Wollack
2019, MNRAS, in press (arXiv:1806.09579)
R112 Spectroscopic confirmation and modelling of two lensed quadruple quasars in the Dark Energy Survey public footprint
C. Spiniello, A.V. Sergeyev, L. Marchetti, C. Tortora, N.R. Napolitano, V. Shalyapin, A. Agnello, F.I. Getman, M. Vaccari, S. Serjeant, L.V.E. Koopmans, A.J. Baker, T.H. Jarrett, G. Covone, & G. Vernardos
2019, MNRAS, in press (arXiv:1901.04414)
R111 The ISM Properties and Gas Kinematics of a Redshift 3 Massive Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy
T.K.D. Leung, D.A. Riechers, A.J. Baker, D.L. Clements, A. Cooray, C.C. Hayward, R.J. Ivison, R. Neri, A. Omont, I. Pérez-Fournon, D. Scott, & J.L. Wardlow
2019, ApJ, 871, 85
R110 ALMA observations of lensed Herschel sources: Testing the dark-matter halo paradigm
A. Amvrosiadis, S.A. Eales, M. Negrello, L. Marchetti, M.W.L. Smith, N. Bourne, D.L. Clements, G. De Zotti, L. Dunne, S. Dye, C. Furlanetto, R.J. Ivison, S. Maddox, E. Valiante, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, A. Cooray, S.M. Crawford, D. Frayer, A. Harris, M.J. Michałowski, H. Nayyeri, S. Oliver, D.A. Riechers, S. Serjeant, & M. Vaccari
2018, MNRAS, 475, 4939
R109 The LABOCA/ACT Survey of Clusters at All Redshifts: Multi-wavelength analysis of background submillimeter galaxies
P. Aguirre, R.R. Lindner, A.J. Baker, J.R. Bond, R. Dünner, G. Galaz, P. Gallardo, M. Hilton, J.P. Hughes, L. Infante, M. Lima, K.M. Menten, J. Sievers, A. Weiss, & E.J. Wollack
2018, ApJ, 855, 26
R108 Herschel and ALMA Observations of Massive SZE-Selected Clusters
J.F. Wu, P. Aguirre, A.J. Baker, M.J. Devlin, M. Hilton, J.P. Hughes, L. Infante, R.R. Lindner, & C. Sifón
2018, ApJ, 853, 195
R107 Molecular gas in the Herschel-selected strongly lensed submillimeter galaxies at z ~ 2-4 as probed by multi-J CO lines
C. Yang, A. Omont, A. Beelen, Y. Gao, P. van der Werf, R. Gavazzi, Z.-Y. Zhang, R. Ivison, M. Lehnert, D. Liu, I. Oteo, E. González-Alfonso, H. Dannerbauer. P. Cox, M. Krips, R. Neri, D. Riechers, A.J. Baker, M.J. Michałowski, A. Cooray, & I. Smail
2017, A&A, 608, A144
R106 ISM conditions in z ~ 0.2 Lyman Break Analogs
A. Contursi, A.J. Baker, S. Berta, B. Magnelli, D. Lutz, J. Fischer, A. Verma, M. Nielbock, J. Graciá-Carpio, S. Veilleux, E. Sturm, R. Davies, R. Genzel, S. Hailey-Dunsheath, R. Herrera-Camus, A. Janssen, A. Poglitsch, A. Sternberg, & L.J. Tacconi
2017, A&A, 606, A86
R105 ALMA Observations of Circumnuclear Disks in Early Type Galaxies: CO(2-1) and Continuum Properties
B.D. Boizelle, A.J. Barth, J. Darling, A.J. Baker, D.A. Buote, L.C. Ho, & J.L. Walsh
2017, ApJ, 845, 170
R104 Enhanced CI in an ACT-selected lensed submillimeter galaxy at z = 2.64: evidence for a molecular outflow at high redshift
G.W. Roberts-Borsani, M.J. Jiménez-Donaire, M. Daprà, K. Alatalo, J. Álvarez-Márquez, I. Aretxaga, A.J. Baker, S. Fujimoto, P.A. Gallardo, M. Gralla, M. Hilton, J.P. Hughes, C. Jiménez, N. Laporte, T.A. Marriage, F. Nati, J. Rivera, A. Weiß, G.W. Wilson, E.J. Wollack, & M.S. Yun
2017, ApJ, 844, 110
R103 Herschel and Hubble Study of a Lensed Massive Dusty Starbursting Galaxy at z ~ 3
H. Nayyeri, A. Cooray, E. Jullo, D.A. Riechers, T.K.D. Leung, D.T. Frayer, M.A. Gurwell, A.I. Harris, R.J. Ivison, M. Negrello, I. Oteo, A. Amber, A.J. Baker, J. Calanog, C.M. Casey, H. Dannerbauer, G. De Zotti, S. Eales, H. Fu, M.J. Michałowski , N. Timmons, & J.L. Wardlow
2017, ApJ, 844, 82
R102 The Herschel-ATLAS: a sample of 500 μm-selected lensed galaxies over 600 square degrees
M. Negrello, S. Amber, A. Amvrosiadis, Z.-Y. Cai, A. Lapi, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, G. De Zotti, C. Furlanetto, S. Maddox, M. Allen, T. Bakx, R.S. Bussmann, A. Cooray, G. Covone, L. Danese, H. Dannerbauer, H. Fu, J. Greenslade, M. Gurwell, R. Hopwood, L.V.E. Koopmans, N. Napolitano, H. Nayyeri, A. Omont, C.E. Petrillo, D.A. Riechers, S. Serjeant, C. Tortora, E. Valiante, G. Verdoes Kleijn, G. Vernardos, J.L. Wardlow, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, N. Bourne, D. Clements, S.M. Crawford, S. Dye, L. Dunne, S. Eales, R. Ivison, L. Marchetti, M.J. Michałowski, M.W.L. Smith, M. Vaccari, & P. van der Werf
2017, MNRAS, 465, 3558
R101 Herschel-ATLAS: Revealing dust build-up and decline across gas, dust and stellar mass selected samples: I. Scaling relations
P. De Vis, L. Dunne, S. Maddox, H.L. Gomez, C.J.R. Clark, A.E. Bauer, S. Viaene, S.P. Schofield, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, N. Bourne, S.P. Driver, S. Dye, S.A. Eales, C. Furlanetto, R.J. Ivison, A.S.G. Robotham, K. Rowlands, D.J.B. Smith, M.W.L. Smith, E. Valiante, & A.H. Wright
2017, MNRAS, 464, 4680
R100 On the redshift distribution and physical properties of ACT-selected DSFGs
T. Su, T.A. Marriage, V. Asboth, A.J. Baker, J.R. Bond, D. Crichton, M.J. Devlin, R. Dünner, D. Farrah, D.T. Frayer, M.B. Gralla, K. Hall, M. Halpern, A.I. Harris, M. Hilton, A.D. Hincks, J.P. Hughes, M.D. Niemack, L.A. Page, B. Partridge, J. Rivera, D. Scott, J.L. Sievers, R.J. Thornton, M.P. Viero, L. Wang, E.J. Wollack & M. Zemcov
2017, MNRAS, 464, 968
R99 Submillimeter H2O and H2O+ emission in lensed ultra- and hyper-luminous infrared galaxies at z ~ 2
C. Yang, A. Omont, A. Beelen, E. González-Alfonso, R. Neri, Y. Gao, P. van der Werf, A. Weiß, R. Gavazzi, N. Falstad, A.J. Baker, R.S. Bussmann, A. Cooray, P. Cox, H. Dannerbauer, S. Dye, M. Guélin, R. Ivison, M. Krips, M. Lehnert, M.J. Michałowski, D.A. Riechers, M. Spaans, & E. Valiante
2016, A&A, 595, A80
R98 A deep/wide 1-2 GHz snapshot survey of SDSS Stripe 82 using the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in a compact hybrid configuration
I. Heywood, M.J. Jarvis, A.J. Baker, K.W. Bannister, C.S. Carvalho, M. Hardcastle, M. Hilton, K. Moodley, O.M. Smirnov, D.J.B. Smith, S.V. White, & E.J. Wollack
2016, MNRAS, 460, 4433
R97 Synthetic data products for future HI galaxy surveys: a tool for characterising source confusion in spectral line stacking experiments
E. Elson, S.L. Blyth, & A.J. Baker
2016, MNRAS, 460, 4366
R96 Toward Precision Black Hole Masses with ALMA: NGC 1332 as a Case Study in Molecular Disk Dynamics
A.J. Barth, J. Darling, A.J. Baker, B.D. Boizelle, D.A. Buote, L.C. Ho, & J.L. Walsh
2016, ApJ, 823, 51
R95 Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Dusty Star-forming Galaxies in the Herschel Wide Area Surveys
H. Nayyeri, M. Keele, A. Cooray, D.A. Riechers, R.J. Ivison, A.I. Harris, D.T. Frayer, A.J. Baker, S.C. Chapman, S. Eales, D. Farrah, H. Fu, L. Marchetti, R. Marques-Chaves, P. I. Martinez-Navajas, S. Oliver, A. Omont, I. Perez-Fournon, D. Scott, M. Vaccari, J. Vieira, M. Viero, L. Wang, & J. Wardlow
2016, ApJ, 823, 17
R94 A giant radio halo in a low-mass SZ-selected galaxy cluster: ACT-CL J0256.5+0006
K. Knowles, H.T. Intema, A.J. Baker, J.R. Bond, C. Cress, N. Gupta, A. Hajian, M. Hilton, A.D. Hincks, R. Hlozek, J.P. Hughes, R.R. Lindner, T.A. Marriage, F. Menanteau, K. Moodley, M.D. Niemack, E.D. Reese, J. Sievers, C. Sifón, R. Srianand, & E.J. Wollack
2016, MNRAS, 459, 4240
R93 Measurement of the Black Hole Mass in NGC 1332 from ALMA Observations at 0.044 Arcsecond Resolution
A.J. Barth, B.D. Boizelle, J. Darling, A.J. Baker, D.A. Buote, L.C. Ho, & J.L. Walsh
2016, ApJ, 822, L28
R92 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: The LABOCA/ACT Survey of Clusters at All Redshifts
R.R. Lindner, P. Aguirre, A.J. Baker, J.R. Bond, D. Crichton, M.J. Devlin, T. Essinger-Hileman, P. Gallardo, M.B. Gralla, M. Hilton, A.D. Hincks, K.M. Huffenberger, J.P. Hughes, L. Infante, M. Lima, T.A. Marriage, F. Menanteau, M.D. Niemack, L.A. Page, B.L. Schmitt, N. Sehgal, J.L. Sievers, C. Sifón, S.T. Staggs, D. Swetz, A. Weiß, & E.J. Wollack
2015, ApJ, 803, 79
R91 Excitation Conditions in the Multi-component Submillimeter Galaxy SMMJ00266+1708
C.E. Sharon, A.J. Baker, A.I. Harris, L.J. Tacconi, D. Lutz, & S.N. Longmore
2015, ApJ, 798, 133
R90 Lens Models of Herschel-selected Galaxies from High-resolution Near-IR Observations
J.A. Calanog, H. Fu, A. Cooray, J. Wardlow, B. Ma, S. Amber, A.J. Baker, & [35 more authors]
2014, ApJ, 797, 138
R89 Molecular line emission in NGC 1068 imaged with ALMA: II. The chemistry of the dense molecular gas
S. Viti, S. García-Burillo, A. Fuente, L.K. Hunt, A. Usero, C. Henkel, A. Eckart, S. Martín, M. Spaans, S. Muller, F. Combes, M. Krips, E. Schinnerer, V. Casasola, F. Costagliola, I. Márquez, P. Planesas, P.P. van der Werf, S. Aalto, A.J. Baker, F. Boone, & L. J. Tacconi
2014, A&A, 570, A28
R88 Molecular line emission in NGC 1068 imaged with ALMA. I. An AGN-driven outflow in the dense molecular gas
S. García-Burillo, F. Combes, A. Usero, S. Aalto, M. Krips, S. Viti, A. Alonso-Herrero, L.K. Hunt, E. Schinnerer, A.J. Baker, F. Boone V. Casasola, L. Colina, F. Costagliola, A. Eckart, A. Fuente, C. Henkel, A. Labiano, S. Martín, I. Márquez, S. Muller, P. Planesas, C. Ramos Almeida, M. Spaans, L.J. Tacconi, & P.P. van der Werf
2014, A&A, 567, A125
R87 ALMA reveals the feeding of the Seyfert 1 nucleus in NGC1566
F. Combes, S. García-Burillo, V. Casasola, L. Hunt, M. Krips, A.J. Baker, F. Boone, A. Eckart, I. Márquez, R. Neri, E. Schinnerer, & L.J. Tacconi
2014, A&A, 565, A97
R86 The Radio Relics and Halo of El Gordo, a Massive z = 0.870 Cluster Merger
R.R. Lindner, A.J. Baker, J.P. Hughes, N. Battaglia, N. Gupta, K. Knowles, T.A. Marriage, F. Menanteau, K. Moodley, E.D. Reese, & R. Srianand
2014, ApJ, 786, 49
R85 The Herschel Stripe 82 Survey (HerS): Maps and Early Catalog
M.P. Viero, V. Asboth, I.G. Roseboom, G. Marsden, L. Moncelsi, E. Mentuch Cooper, M. Zemcov, G. Addison, A.J. Baker, A. Beelen, J. Bock, C. Bridge, A. Conley, M.J. Devlin, O. Doré, D. Farrah, S. Finkelstein, A. Font-Ribera, J.E. Geach, K. Gebhardt, A. Gill, J. Glenn, A. Hajian, M. Halpern, S. Jogee, P. Kurczynski, A. Lapi, M. Negrello, S.J. Oliver, C. Papovich, R. Quadri, N. Ross, D. Scott, B. Schulz, R. Somerville, D.N. Spergel, R. Wechsler, & J.D. Vieira
2014, ApJS, 210, 22
R84 Gravitational Lens Models Based on Submillimeter Array Imaging of Herschel-Selected Strongly Lensed Sub-millimeter Galaxies at z > 1.5
R.S. Bussmann, I. Pérez-Fournon, S. Amber, J. Calanog, M.A. Gurwell, H. Dannerbauer, F. De Bernardis, H. Fu, A.I. Harris, M. Krips, A. Lapi, A. Omont, D. Riechers, J. Wardlow, A.J. Baker, & [30 more authors]
2013, ApJ, 779, 25
R83 Validation of the Equilibrium Model for Galaxy Evolution to z ~ 3 through Molecular Gas and Dust Observations of Lensed Star-forming Galaxies
A. Saintonge, D. Lutz, R. Genzel, B. Magnelli, R. Nordon, L.J. Tacconi, A.J. Baker, K. Bandara, S. Berta, N.M. Förster Schreiber, A. Poglitsch, E. Sturm, E. Wuyts, & S. Wuyts
2013, ApJ, 778, 2
R82 ALMA observations of feeding and feedback in nearby Seyfert galaxies: an AGN-driven outflow in NGC1433
F. Combes, S. García-Burillo, V. Casasola, L. Hunt, M. Krips, A.J. Baker, F. Boone, A. Eckart, I. Márquez, R. Neri, E. Schinnerer, & L.J. Tacconi
2013, A&A, 558, A124
R81 Connecting Transitions in Galaxy Properties to Refueling
S.J. Kannappan, D.V. Stark, K.D. Eckert, A.J. Moffett, L.H. Wei, D.J. Pisano, A.J. Baker, S.N. Vogel, D.G. Fabricant, S. Laine, M.A. Norris, S. Jogee, N. Lepore, L.E. Hough, & J. Weinberg-Wolf
2013, ApJ, 777, 42
R80 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: the stellar content of galaxy clusters selected using the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect
M. Hilton, M. Hasselfield, C. Sifón, A.J. Baker, L.F. Barrientos, N. Battaglia, J.R. Bond, D. Crichton, S. Das, M.J. Devlin, M. Gralla, A. Hajian, A.D. Hincks, J.P. Hughes, L. Infante, K.D. Irwin, A. Kosowsky, Y.-T. Lin, T.A. Marriage, D. Marsden, F. Menanteau, K. Moodley, M.D. Niemack, M.R. Nolta, L.A. Page, E.D. Reese, J. Sievers, D.N. Spergel, & E.J. Wollack
2013, MNRAS, 435, 3469
R79 H-ATLAS: estimating redshifts of Herschel sources from sub-mm fluxes
E.A. Pearson, S. Eales, L. Dunne, J. Gonzalez-Nuevo, S. Maddox, J.E. Aguirre, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, & [24 more authors]
2013, MNRAS, 435, 2753
R78 Herschel-ATLAS: A Binary HyLIRG Pinpointing a Cluster of Starbursting Protoellipticals
R.J. Ivison, A.M. Swinbank, I. Smail, A.I. Harris, R.S. Bussmann, A. Cooray, P. Cox, H. Fu, A. Kovács, M. Krips, D. Narayanan, M. Negrello, R. Neri, J.J. Peñarrubia, J. Richard, D.A. Riechers, K. Rowlands, J.G. Staguhn, T.A. Targett, S. Amber, A. J. Baker, & [30 more authors]
2013, ApJ, 772, 137
R77 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: Dynamical Masses and Scaling Relations for a Sample of Massive Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect Selected Galaxy Clusters
C. Sifón, F. Menanteau, M. Hasselfield, T.A. Marriage, J.P. Hughes, L.F. Barrientos, J. González, L. Infante, G.E. Addison, A.J. Baker, & [26 more authors]
2013, ApJ, 772, 25
R76 The rapid assembly of an elliptical galaxy of 400 billion solar masses at a redshift of 2.3
H. Fu, A. Cooray, C. Feruglio, R.J. Ivison, D.A. Riechers, M. Gurwell, R.S. Bussmann, A.I. Harris, B. Altieri, H. Aussel, A.J. Baker, & [33 more authors]
2013, Nature, 498, 338
R75 The Fueling Diagram: Linking Galaxy Molecular-to-Atomic Gas Ratios to Interactions and Accretion
D.V. Stark, S.J. Kannappan, L.H. Wei, A.J. Baker, A.K. Leroy, K.D. Eckert, & S.N. Vogel
2013, ApJ, 769, 82
R74 High-resolution Near-infrared Imaging of Submillimeter Galaxies
P. Aguirre, A.J. Baker, F. Menanteau, D. Lutz, & L.J. Tacconi
2013, ApJ, 768, 164
R73 H2O emission in high-z ultra-luminous infrared galaxies
A. Omont, C. Yang, P. Cox, R. Neri, A. Beelen, S. Bussmann, R. Gavazzi, P. van der Werf, D. Riechers, D. Downes, M. Krips, S. Dye, R. Ivison, J.D. Vieira, A. Weiss, J.E. Aguirre, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, & [32 more authors]
2013, A&A, 551, 115
R72 GBT Detection of Polarization-Dependent HI Absorption and HI Outflows in Local ULIRGs and Quasars
S.H. Teng, S. Veilleux, & A.J. Baker
2013, ApJ, 765, 95
R71 VLA Mapping of the CO(1-0) Line in SMMJ14011+0252
C.E. Sharon, A.J. Baker, A.I. Harris, & A.P. Thomson
2013, ApJ, 765, 6
R70 HerMES: Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Galaxies and Lensing Statistics at Submillimeter Wavelengths
J.L. Wardlow, A. Cooray, F. De Bernardis, A. Amblard, V. Arumugam, H. Aussel, A.J. Baker, & [71 more authors]
2013, ApJ, 762, 59
R69 Detection of Iron Kα Emission from a Complete Sample of Submillimeter Galaxies
R.R. Lindner, A.J. Baker, A. Beelen, F.N. Owen, & M. Polletta
2012, ApJ, 757, 3
R68 JVLA imaging of 12CO J = 1-0 and free-free emission in lensed submillimetre galaxies
A.P. Thomson, R.J. Ivison, I. Smail, A.M. Swinbank, A. Weiss, J.-P. Kneib, P.P. Papadopoulos, A.J. Baker, C.E. Sharon, & G.A. van Moorsel
2012, MNRAS, 425, 2203
R67 A Detailed Gravitational Lens Model Based on Submillimeter Array and Keck Adaptive Optics Imaging of a Herschel-ATLAS Sub-millimeter Galaxy at z = 4.243
R.S. Bussmann, M.A. Gurwell, H. Fu, D.J.B. Smith, S. Dye, R. Auld, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, & [30 more authors]
2012, ApJ, 756, 134
R66 A Comprehensive View of a Strongly Lensed Planck-Associated Submillimeter Galaxy
H. Fu, E. Julio, A. Cooray, R.S. Bussmann, R.J. Ivison, I. Pérez-Fournon, S.G. Djorgovski, N. Scoville, L. Yan, D.A. Riechers, J. Aguirre, R. Auld, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, & [37 more authors]
2012, ApJ, 753, 134
R65 Blind detections of CO J = 1 - 0 in 11 H-ATLAS galaxies at z = 2.1-3.5 with the GBT/Zpectrometer
A.I. Harris, A.J. Baker, D.T. Frayer, I. Smail, A.M. Swinbank, D.A. Riechers, P.P. van der Werf, R. Auld, M. Baes, R.S. Bussmann, S. Buttiglione, A. Cava, D.L. Clements, A. Cooray, H. Dannerbauer, A. Dariush, G. De Zotti, L. Dunne, S. Dye, S. Eales, J. Fritz, J. González-Nuevo, R. Hopwood, E. Ibar, R.J. Ivison, M.J. Jarvis, S. Maddox, M. Negrello, E. Rigby, D.J.B. Smith, P. Temi, & J. Wardlow
2012, ApJ, 752, 152
R64 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: High-Resolution Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Array Observations of ACT SZE-selected Clusters from the Equatorial Strip
E.D. Reese, T. Mroczkowski, F. Menanteau, M. Hilton, J. Sievers, P. Aguirre, J.W. Appel, A.J. Baker, & [36 more authors]
2012, ApJ, 751, 12
R63 Herschel-ATLAS: Toward a Sample of ~1000 Strongly Lensed Galaxies
J. González-Nuevo, A. Lapi, S. Fleuren, S. Bressan, L. Danese, G. De Zotti, M. Negrello, Z.-Y. Cai, L. Fan, W. Sutherland, M. Baes, A.J. Baker, & [30 more authors]
2012, ApJ, 749, 65
R62 The Atacama Cosmology Telescope: ACT-CL J0102-4215 "El Gordo," A Massive Merging Cluster at Redshift 0.87
F. Menanteau, J.P. Hughes, C. Sifón, M. Hilton, J. González, L. Infante, L.F. Barrientos, A.J. Baker, S. Das, M.J. Devlin, J. Dunkley, A.D. Hincks, A. Kosowsky, D. Marsden, T.A. Marriage, K. Moodley, M.D. Niemack, L.A. Page, E.D. Reese, N. Sehgal, J. Sievers, D.N. Spergel, S.T. Staggs, & E. Wollack
2012, ApJ, 748, 7
R61 Interferometric CO(3-2) Observations toward the Central Region of NGC1068
M. Tsai, C.-Y. Hwang, S. Matsushita, A.J. Baker, & D. Espada
2012, ApJ, 746, 129
R60 Extended Ultraviolet Disks and Ultraviolet-bright Disks in Low-mass E/S0 Galaxies
A.J. Moffett, S.J. Kannappan, A.J. Baker, & S. Laine
2012, ApJ, 745, 34
R59 CO in z > 2 Quasar Host Galaxies: No Evidence for Extended Molecular Gas Reservoirs
D.A. Riechers, C.L. Carilli, R.J. Maddalena, J. Hodge, A.I. Harris, A.J. Baker, J. Wagg, P.A. Vanden Bout, A. Weiss, & C.E. Sharon
2011, ApJ, 739, L32
R58 A Deep 1.2mm Map of the Lockman Hole North Field
R.R. Lindner, A.J. Baker, A. Omont, A. Beelen, F.N. Owen, F. Bertoldi, H. Dole, N. Fiolet, A.I. Harris, R.J. Ivison, C.J. Lonsdale, D. Lutz, & M. Polletta
2011, ApJ, 737, 83
R57 SMA/PdBI Multiple Line Observations of the Nearby Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC1068: Shock Related Gas Kinematics and Heating in the Central 100 pc?
M. Krips, S. Martín, A. Eckart, R. Neri, S. García-Burillo, S. Matsushita, A. Peck, I. Stoklasova, G. Petitpas, A. Usero, F. Combes, E. Schinnerer, L. Humphreys, & A.J. Baker
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