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Informal Condensed Matter Journal Club


The idea behind these talks, is to have a very open forum on cutting edge issues in condensed matter physics. Some weeks we will hold Journal Clubs, others we will have an introduction to current research interests in the group, and in others we will hold informal seminars. All enquiries to
Monday (informal) seminars held at 1:00 in Serin 385 or 287

Tuesday regular seminars at 1.00 in Serin 385.

Thursday (informal theory) seminars held at 4:15 pm in Serin 385 or 287

Thu. Feb 5th Eugene Pivovarov
Rice University
Special seminar: Change of Fermi momentum in a
one-dimensional Kondo lattice.
Thu. Feb 12th Piers Coleman Journal Club: Interlayer Redux and related papers.
Thu. Feb 19th Lara Faoro 1/f noise - new developments.
Thu. Feb 26th Gonzalo Alvarez "Relevance of Clustered States in Diluted Magnetic
Semiconductors and Other Materials"
Mo. Mar 1st
1.00 PM
Lorenzo DeLeo
"NRG Study of a Generalized Anderson Impurity Model with a Non-Fermi
Liquid Fixed Point"
Thu. Mar. 4th
4.00 PM room 385
Andrei Kogan

"Non-equilibrium Kondo Effect in a
Single-Electron Transistor"
Fri. Mar. 5th
11.00 AM, room 385E
Luca Capriotti
"Spin-liquid, Dimer States and the Lieb-Schultz-Mattis Theorem"
Thu. Mar. 11th E. Lebanon,
P. Mehta
Journal Club : open questions, new developments in
Thu. Mar. 18th A. Schofield Informal Seminar
Thu. Mar. 25th March Meeting
Thu. Apr. 1st Emil Yuzbashyan
Princeton University
Special Colloquium
Thu Apr. 8th Gabriel Kotliar
Informal Discussion Seminar: the cutting edge in DMFT.non-equilibrium in one dimension.
Thu Apr. 15th Natan Andrei
Rutgers    12 noon  - NOTE TIME!
Informal Seminar : aspects of the non-equilibrium steady state in one dimension.
Thu. Apr. 22nd

Thu. Apr 29th

Thu May 6th Natan Andrei

Informal Seminar: non equlibrium steady state Part II.
Thu May 13th Jay Kikkawa, U. Penn
Non-linear optics as probes of strongly correlated electron systems.
Thu May 20th

Thu May 27th

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