QUANTUM MECHANICS: Fall 2001 (501) and Spring 2002 (502).


       Piers Coleman 
       Room 268 Serin 
       Tel. 445-5082 
       email:  coleman@physics.rutgers.edu
Office Hour: Tues 10am or by appointment.

Scope of Course. This course is aimed to provide an advanced foundation for any research involving quantum mechanics. The course follows develops Dirac's bra-ket approach, developing the formalism and providing worked examples of some of the most recent lines of thought and applications of quantum mechanics such as quantum computation, Berry's geometric phase, 2D electron gasses and Quantum Entanglement. Texts:

       J. J. Sakurai      Modern Quantum Mechanics     (Addison Wesley, 1994)
       R. Shankar         Principles of Quantum Mechanics 
       G. Baym            Lectures on Quantum Mechanics (Addison Wesley, 1990)
       P.A.M. Dirac       Quantum Mechanics (Cambridge)
Times: (501) 9:50-11:10 Mon and Wednesday in SEC 212 starting Weds Sept 5th.
                 (502) 9.50-11:10 Mon and Wednesday in ARC 108 (Mon) and ARC 212 (Weds) starting Weds Jan 23rd, 2002.

Assessment: Assessment will be made on the basis of weekly assignments  (502), a mid-term and final exam.
(Old assignments for 501).

Tentative Outline for the Course