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Rutgers Physics Department Telephone System


The telephone system in the Physics Department is part of the Rutgers University VoIP System, which is managed by the Rutgers Telecommunications Division (TD). Click here for access to the TD documentation web site.

Your new phone number

All of our new telephones have a direct dial number in the 848 area code, exchange 445. The last 5 digits of the number are shown in the upper right hand corner of the display panel on the telephone. Assuming the number shown is "5NNNN", the full direct dial number for the phone is "848-445-NNNN".

Initial setup

The initial voicemail password is "7884377" (i.e., "rutgers"). When you first access voicemail using that password, you will be required to enter a new password. The minimum length of the password is 6 digits.

After entering the new password, the system will also request that you record your name. This recording will be made part of the default voicemail greeting message.

Placing calls

  • In case of emergency: Enter "911". Note that no additional prefix, for example to obtain an outside line, is needed. Enter just "911".
  • Calling within the 848-445 exchange: Enter "5NNNN", replacing "NNNN" with the last 4 digits of the number you wish to call. Note that this is how to call other telephones within the Physics Department.
  • Calling within the 848-932 exchange: Enter "2NNNN", replacing "NNNN" with the last 4 digits of the number you wish to call.
  • Calling outside of Rutgers: Calls outside of Rutgers require that you first enter the outside line access code, which is "8". Please note the change here from our previous telephone system, where the outside access code was "9". After entering the outside access code, enter "1AAAXXXNNNN", where "AAA-XXX-NNNN" is the full 10-digit number you wish to call.
  • Calling legacy Rutgers numbers: These are numbers in either the "732-445" or "732-932" exchanges. To call these numbers, follow the instructions in the previous section "Calling outside of Rutgers".

Features of the Aastra telephone.

The telephones installed are the model 6755i made by Aastra. A summary of the features available on the telephone are available by clicking here.

Voicemail and features of the personal voice portal

Details of the voicemail system and features of the voice portal are available by clicking here.

To access voicemail and other voice portal features from the telephone, press the button on the left side of the telephone next to "Voicemail" in the display panel. The system will request that you enter your voicemail password, followed by the "#" key.

To access voicemail and other voice portal features from another telephone, place a call to "848-932-1400". You will be requested to enter the last 5 digits of your telephone number (followed by the "#" key), and your voicemail password (also followed by the "#" key).

Reporting problems

For assistance with problems with your telephone, you can contact However most problems will require opening a ticket with the Rutgers Telecommunications Division. This can be done by following the instructions on the "Voice Services and Support web page", available at

Forgotten voicemail password

If you forget your voicemail password, you must contact the Rutgers Telecommunications Division to have it reset. Follow the instructions in the previous section, "Reporting problems", to open a support ticket.

Voicemail to email feature

If your telephone shows your name on its display panel, the voicemail service can be configured to send you an email with an attached wav file containing the audio portion of the voicemail whenever a new voicemail is left for you. To activate this feature, open a ticket with the Rutgers Telecommunications Division, following instructions in the "Reporting problems" section above.

Note that even if you enable the voicemail to email feature, you must still delete voicemails from the phone by accessing your voicemail from the telephone itself.