Monday, November 2, 2015, 1:00 PM, room 385
Sabrina Strauss (Notre Dame)
Search for E0 transitions in 154,156Gd

Transitions between nuclear states below a few MeV can occur through two processes: gamma-emission and internal conversion. The E0 transition can only occur through internal conversion and is the only way to observe the "forbidden" transitions between two 0+ states. The even Gd isotopes have been found to have a substantial number of low-lying 0+ states. Determining the nature of these 0+ states remains one of the open questions in nuclear structure. Measuring the E0 transitions from these states is crucial for understanding. We have searched for E0 transitions between 0+ states in 154,156Gd nuclei following the 152,154Sm(alpha,2n) reactions by measuring conversion electrons using the Internal Conversion Electron Ball (ICEBall) array in coincidence with gamma-rays using the GEORGINA detectors at the University of Notre Dame's Nuclear Science Laboratory.