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Machine Shop - Student Shop

The student shop is available for Physics Department and Chemistry Department projects. Training is mandatory. Before you are granted access, you will need to take a training session and agree to a set of safety rules. There is a general training session, which covers the basics and also the bandsaw. There are also training sessions for the Lathe and the Milling Machine.

Training will be done in three phases:

  1. General
    • Overall machine shop safety and conduct
    • Shear & brake
    • Drill press
    • Band saws (Vert & Horiz)

    Upon completion of the general training, this will give access to the student shop that will be limited to shear, brake, drill press, band saws and hand tools.

  2. Milling machine
  3. Lathe

Sign up for training session (Rutgers netid required)

Study material

Everyone taking the training sessions should read the General Machine Shop Safety Rules. Those taking advanced training should also read Lathe Safety Rules and/or Milling Machine Safety Rules.

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