Medium Energy Ion Spectroscopy

Determination of structural and compositional properties of surfaces and ultrathin films


Helium Ion Microscopy

Imaging of surfaces using helium ions without conducting metallic coatings


Rutherford Backscattering

Determination of the structure and chemical composition of 1-100 nm films


Gustafsson Group Members

Means of contact with current group members


group’s research

Our group’s research is centered on studies of the structure and composition of surfaces and interfaces, primarily through the use of energetic ion beams. A special focus is the development of novel structural techniques, often involving significant construction projects. Some examples of the materials we have been studying are:

a) Reconstructions (surfaces that have a two dimensional supercell different from those of the bulk) of clean and adsorbate covered surfaces

b) Formation mechanisms of oxide thin films, in particular such that are used in state-of-the-art microelectronics, such as SiO2 and SiC, and in particular high-k (high dielectric constant) materials

c) Interfaces of topological insulators

d) Biomaterials

We are proud over our instrumentation collection and development, which includes several tools unique to us among US universities.

a) Medium Energy Ion Scattering, a technique to do depth profiling with near atomic layer resolution

b) Helium Ion Microscopy, which images surfaces of metals and insulators with < 1 nm resolution

c) Nuclear resonance profiling, a technique to depth profile surfaces and interfaces, complementing MEIS.

Current Projects