Graham Giovanetti
Princeton University 

Searching for physics beyond the Standard Model with underground detectors 


Despite its 40 years of success, the Standard Model, our most complete theory of the elementary particles 
that make up the Universe and the forces that govern their interaction, is incomplete. It fails to describe 
gravity or the extreme variation in particle masses, and it provides no explanation for the existence of the 
dark matter and dark energy observed throughout our Universe. Physics beyond the Standard Model may be accessible 
to novel, ultra low-background detectors that operate in deep underground laboratories and push the frontiers of 
experimental sensitivity. I will discuss the development of two such experiments: the LEGEND experiment, an array 
of high purity germanium detectors that will search for neutrinoless double-beta decay, and DarkSide-20k, a liquid 
argon time projection chamber that will search for particle dark matter.