Adi Ashkenazi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

probing v interactions for v physics

The ability of current and next generation accelerator based neutrino oscillation measurements to reach their 
desired sensitivity requires a high-level of understanding of neutrino-nucleus interactions. These include precise e
stimation of the relevant cross sections and the reconstruction of the incident neutrino energy from the measured final 
state particles. Neutrino energies are inferred from the charged particles produced following their interactions with atomic 
nuclei. Incomplete understanding of these interactions can skew the reconstructed neutrino spectrum and thereby bias the extraction 
of fundamental oscillation parameters and searches for new physics. In this talk I will present results for the MicroBooNE experiment 
o the first exclusive differential cross section measurement using neutrino-Argon Quasi Elastic like interactions. In addition, using 
wide phase-space electron scattering data, collected using the CLAS spectrometer at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility 
(JLab), the reconstruction of the incoming lepton energy from the measured final state is being tested. Disagreements with current event 
generators, used in the analysis of neutrino oscillation measurements, are observed which indicate  underestimation of nuclear effects. 
The impact of these findings on bias in oscillation analyses will be discussed.