Philip Harris
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Discovering the Higgs all over again. Now with Machine Learning

Standard model production of the Z (or W) boson decaying to lightquarks had not been observed in a hadron collider; 
it was thought tobe impossible. We present a new technique to observe these productionsand we observe a clear W and 
Z peak and with the addition of MachineLearning, we apply this approach to resonancesdecaying to b-quarks including, 
for the first time,Higgs bosons decaying tob-quarks producedthrough gluon fusion. From these results, we observe 
serious limitations in our computing and data flow model and we present a new approach to overcome these limitations 
through the use of a heterogenous computing model relying on FPGAs and CPUs. Finally, we look at the broader scope of 
accelerated computing in LHC physics and discuss how ML can lead the way to fundamental, yet to be performed, measurements 
at theLHC