Radiative Processes
Spring 2019


Lecturer: Prof. Jack Hughes, Busch Campus, Serin-307, Tel: (848)445-8878, e-mail: jph[at]physics.rutgers.edu

Textbook: Radiative Processes, by Rybicki and Lightman (required) available from the bookstore or from Amazon. I will also take some material from High Energy Astrophysics (3rd Ed.), by Longair. The on-line graduate text High Energy Astrophysics by Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier may be useful too. (Requires NetID log-on).

Overview: Electromagnetic phenomena in astrophysical systems. Radiative transfer. Radiation from moving charges. Emission mechanisms: bremsstrahlung, synchrotron, Compton scattering. Plasma effects. Atomic and molecular structure and spectroscopy.

Format: The course consists of 2 lectures each week on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:20PM to 4:40PM in room 401 of the Serin Physics Bldg (SRN), Busch Campus.

Course Home Page: The home page for this course is http://www.physics.rutgers.edu/grad/514/

Homework Policy: Weekly homework (H/W) assignments will be posted on the Assignments tab of the sakai course web site and must be turned in through sakai. Assignments will consist of analytical as well as numerical problems. You will be required to write code (in python, idl, c, c++, or the like) on a regular basis as a substitute for laborious hand calculations, to solve for roots of equations and simple differential equations, and plot quantities.

Assessment: In addition to the weekly homework (40%), there will be midterm (25%) and final (35%) exams.

Announcements: Any course announcements will be posted on sakai.

Office Hours: You may come by Prof. Hughes' office anytime (best to phone or e-mail first) or send him brief questions via e-mail. Monday (after 4pm), Wednesday (after 3pm), and Friday afternoons are the best times to meet with Prof. Hughes.

Academic Integrity: All work that you turn in for this course (H/W, exams, papers, etc.) must be the product of your own, independent effort. Violating this policy will be considered a breach of academic integrity. If you have questions or concerns about academic integrity, please speak to your instructor. For more information on Rutgers Academic Integrity Policy click here . See also the department's page on academic integrity for graduate students.

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