Making Exam Cover Sheets with Answer Forms

grtex exams are composed using the grtex latex routines and program for making multiple versions. They generally have a cover sheet, with a "label" showing the student's name, ID, and picture. Since fall of 2016, these labels have been printed individually directly on the cover sheets. In addition, it is now possible to print the answer form on the cover sheet, which is what is described on this page.

In preparing the exams with labels printed that way, you needed to insert two files, studlabel and lbltempl on the cover page. To add the answer form to the cover page, you also need to select or make a format. To make a new format run makeforms , which will produce two files, and forms.dat. The first is input onto your cover page form with the commands
\special{ps: /lastname (\lastname) def /firstname (\firstname) def
/studIDA (\studIDA) def /studIDB (\studIDB) def /Xcode (\examCode) def
where the 2.125in (inches) will need adjusting according to the forms used. To determine the right dimension, look for the “BoundingBox:” line in, subtract the second number from the fourth, and divide by 72.
Important: check that the length of the heavy line, multiplied by 300, is the last number in the last line of the forms.dat file, the line begining with ‘o’.

The second file, forms.dat, is accessed by the scanExam program, and tells it where to look for the filled in bubbles.

The exams are then produced and printed according to the instructions for printing exams with labels.

Once the exam is given, the procedure for scanning them and getting the input for grad is detailed here.

Last modified: Thu Apr 26 15:55:14 2018