Make Forms for Grtex Answers

The procedure for printing answer forms on exam covers and scanning on the copying machines requires printing a form and having its parameters in a data file in a specific format. These are generated by the makeforms program. A number of forms are available already, but if you wish to generate your own, you can use makeforms yourself. You need to decide Also You will need a copy of ps.incl in the directory. Then run makeforms base [options]
where [options] are
-fsto include formscanner
-dito not use bcd
-32to be duotrigesimal
-doto say okay to design by program
-h heightto give height as option, ie. length of edge
-w widththe perpendicular length taken up by the answer form
-mc number  to specify number of MC questions
-nq numberto specify number of numerical questions
The last three will be prompted for if not given as options. Say yes when asked if you want the program to design the form --- the alternative has not been implemented.

Example: makeforms mc21f -fs -do -h 3300 -mc 21 -nq 0

The postscript form generated will have a line of the form %%BoundingBox: 70 0 360 207 % xmax is fake
Subtract the second number from the fourth and divide by 72. That must be the dimension (in inches) specified by the epsfysize command in your cover page.

A collection of forms and their data files is in this tar file.

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