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Astrophysics Seminar Calendar

Spring 2012


Astrophysics seminars are usually held at 3:00 pm on Fridays in room 385E with refreshments following in room 332W.  Monday seminars are held at noon in room 385E.  Department colloquia are held at 4:45 pm on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall, preceded by refreshments at 4:30 pm.  Click on a seminar title to view the abstract.


January 6

Viviana Acquaviva (Rutgers)

Understanding the Spectral Energy Distribution of Galaxies

January 18


Adam Riess (JHU)

Supernovae and the Discovery of the Accelerating Universe

January 20

Kristian Finlator (UCSB)

Searching for Simplicity in the High-Redshift Universe

January 23


Michael Kuhlen (UCB)

Computational Cosmology and Galaxy Formation

January 27

Alyson Brooks (CalTech)

Toward the formation of Realistic Galaxies

January 30


Yuexing Li (Penn State)

Galaxies and Quasars at the Cosmic Dawn

February 3


February 10


February 17

Karen Andeen (Rutgers)

First Measurements of Cosmic Ray Composition using the IceCube Neutrino Observatory

February 24

Renbin Yan (NYU)

The Puzzle of LINERs and the Warm Ionized Gas in Early-Type Galaxies

March 2

Ari Maller (CUNY)

Cold Flow Disks and Gas Halos Around Galaxies

March 9

Jo Bovy (IAS)

New Observational Constraints on the Structure of the Milky Way Disk

March 16

Spring Break – no seminar

March 23

no seminar

March 30

no seminar

April 6

Renee Hlozek (Princeton)

New Results from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope

April 11


Chris Reynolds (Maryland)

The Astrophysics of Black Hole Spin

April 13

Lucianne Walkowicz (Princeton)

New Light on Stellar Astrophysics with Kepler

April 20

Art Wolfe (UCSD)

Damped Lyman Alpha Absorption Systems: Neutral Gas Reservoirs for Star Formation in Early Galaxies

April 25


Kate Jones (Tennessee)

Structure, Reactions, Astrophysics – Overlaps in Low-Energy Nuclear Physics

April 27

Michael Shara (AMNH)

Dwarf Novae, Classical Novae and Supernovae – the Same DNA

May 4

Ken Wong (Arizona)

Optimal Mass Configurations for Lensing High-Redshift Galaxies



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