April 25

Kate Jones (University of Tennessee-Knoxville)

Structure, Reactions, Astrophysics – Overlaps in Low-Energy Nuclear Physics

An important focus in low-energy nuclear physics has been the link to astrophysics, and in particular, the synthesis of heavy elements in the cosmos. Nucleosynthesis occurs in different astrophysical environments, including stars, novae, supernovae, not to mention during the big bang itself. Each nucleosynthetic pathway consists of many nuclear reactions, many on nuclei that have not been produced in the laboratory. Some nuclei are intrinsically interesting because of their unusual structure or their location in the chart of the nuclei. Many interesting unstable nuclei available in modern accelerator facilities are produced through a reaction. Reactions can also be used to study the structure of nuclei. In this colloquium I will show results of nuclear reaction measurements that have shone a light on nuclear astrophysics and/or nuclear structure.