Astrophysics Seminar and Colloquium Calendar
Fall 2010

Astrophysics seminars are held at 3:00 PM on Fridays in room 385E with refreshments to follow in room 332W. Departmental colloquia are at 4:45 PM on Wednesdays in the Physics Lecture Hall preceded by coffee and cookies at 4:30PM. Special dates and/or times are noted in bold in the table below.

Date/Time Location Speaker Title
Fri, Sep. 3
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Grant Wilson (Massachusetts) Submillimeter Galaxies in the Age of LMT and ALMA
Fri, Sep. 10
3:00 PM
Serin 385E no seminar  
Fri, Sep. 17
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Jin Koda (Stony Brook) Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds in Galaxies
Fri, Sep. 24
3:00 PM
Serin 385E no seminar (IAS anniversary)  
Fri, Oct. 1
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Niv Drory (MPE) The Galaxy Stellar Mass Function in COSMOS: New Results on an Old Galaxy Dichotomy
Fri, Oct. 8
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Renu Malhotra (Arizona) Planet Migration in the Solar System
Fri, Oct. 15
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Rachel Mandelbaum (Princeton) Insights into Galaxy Formation and Cosmology from Weak Lensing
Wed, Oct. 20
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Jack Hughes (Rutgers) Clusters and Cosmology from the Atacama Cosmology Telescope
Fri, Oct. 22
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Paul Wiita (TCNJ) Combining Optical and Radio Catalogs to Test Active Galactic Nuclei Unification
Fri, Oct. 29
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Dale Gary (NJIT) Exploiting Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy for Advances in Solar Astrophysics
Wed, Nov. 3
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Scott Ransom (NRAO) Detecting Gravitational Waves (and doing other cool physics) with Millisecond Pulsars
Fri, Nov. 5
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Ben Oppenheimer (AMNH) Direct Imaging of Exoplanets
Fri, Nov. 12
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Mary Putman (Columbia) Galaxy Gas Flows
Fri, Nov. 19
3:00 PM
Serin 385E no seminar  
Fri, Nov. 26
3:00 PM
Serin 385E no seminar (Thanksgiving)  
Wed, Dec. 1
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall Matias Zaldarriaga (IAS) The Quest to Understand the Origins of the Big Bang
Fri, Dec. 3
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Bruce Draine (Princeton) Some Results from the Herschel Space Observatory
Wed, Dec. 8
4:45 PM
Physics Lecture Hall David Charbonneau (Harvard) The Fast Track to Finding an Inhabited Exoplanet
Fri, Dec. 10
3:00 PM
Serin 385E Mariska Kriek (CfA) The Life Cycle of Massive Galaxies



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