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How to Graduate


  1. Check out the Graduate School of NB website.

  2. Attend a dissertation workshop if possible.

  3. Look through the guidelines for citation of and permission for the use of prior work .

  4. All times quoted in the following are the minimum. If you want to make your life easier add a week or two.

  5. Please see the latex and style files to the right.

Things to do:

  1. Give your committee members and the graduate director copies of your thesis at least 10 days before your defense.

  2. One week before your defense, let the graduate secretary know the date, time, location of your defense, as well as the title and your advisor so s/he can send an email to everyone letting them know.

  3. Your Ph.D. defense committee will consist of the four members of your research committee plus one additional external committee member. Give the graduate director the name, contact info, and brief CV of your external committee member at least one week before the defense. (The grad director will send a letter to the grad school saying s/he approves of this person on your committee.)

  4. One week before your defense, go to the Grad School office at 25 Bishop Place on College Ave and pick up your PhD candidacy form. Do NOT lose this form. They will also refer you to a link for other forms to fill out online (see below). If you want to walk for graduation, then you must turn in the diploma application a full month before the candidacy deadline. :
    • survey - on paper
    • survey - online
    • PhD publication agreement form
    • Diploma application form
    • Publication payment forms (3)

  5. Before your defense, print out the title page on the thesis paper. Also, fill out the candidacy form with your credits (classes and research - you fulfilled all the requirements, didn't you??).

  6. Defend. Good luck. Make sure to bring the candidacy form and the title page on paper for everyone to sign. Signatures must be in BLACK ink.

  7. Make any changes to your thesis that your committee asked you to.

  8. Have the grad director sign your candidacy form.

  9. Make 3 copies of the signed title page and 3 copies of the abstract page.

  10. Fill out the online surveys and print the "completion" page. Fill out all the other forms.

  11. Upload your thesis.

  12. Bring the Publication payment form to the Cashier's office and pay $25 for them to publish your thesis (mandatory) and another $55 to copywrite (optional). You will get two copies of the payment form back - one for you to keep and one to turn in with your thesis.

  13. Go to the Grad School office at 25 Bishop Place and turn in:
    • the signed title page
    • signed candidacy form
    • 3 copies each of signed title page and abstract
    • online survey completion form (2)
    • publication agreement form
    • publication payment receipt

  14. They will flip through your thesis digitally to make sure your margins are ok and flip through the thesis to make sure things are ok - if not, they can tell you to reprint something!

  15. If you need a letter saying you have completed all requirements (but you won't actually graduate for another few months - Oct or Jan), email the Grad School people and ask for a letter. (The letter may take a week)

  16. Fill out the Commencement Program Information form on the Grad School's website if you want your thesis in the commencement program (also do a month before candidacy deadline for May commencement).

Latex notes:

  1. In ruthesis.cls (LaTeX style file for thesis), adjust baselinestretch (line 122) depending on your font size. For 10pt font it should be 2.004, for 11pt font it should be 1.771, and for 12pt font it should be 1.660. This will double space your thesis appropriately.
  2. If a reference in the References Section of your thesis spans several lines, those lines must have single spacing. Between references, you should have double spacing. See dissertation latex file for how to implement this change to spacing. (Note to users of apj.bst, this is not the standard format of this style file.)
Many thanks to Jessica Warren, Neelima Sehgal, and Chelsea Sharon for taking notes during a stressfull time and updating this document.

LATEX files:

[Thesis Template TEX File]
[Thesis Style File]

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