My research area is experimental condensed matter physics. I am interested in nanoscale and mesoscale electronic/magnetic phenomena in correlated and topological quantum materials. My current research topics include: magnetoelectric coupling in magnetoelectrics and multiferroics (where magnetism and ferroelectricity coexist), magnetic Skyrmions and topological Hall effect, and topological insulators and related materials. As a condensed matter experimentalist, I endeavor to develop new experimental techniques and tools, especially unique scanning probe microscopies (SPM) to explore emergent phenomena at mesoscopic and/or atomic scale. The unique instrumentation in my lab allows us to carry out cutting-edge research at the forefronts of condensed matter and material science.

Ongoing reseach projects includes:

  1. unconventional layer dependence of magnetism and magnetoelectric effect in 2D (anti-)ferromagnets ;
  2. magnetic Skyrmions and topological Hall effect in chiral magnets;
  3. exchange mechanisms in magnetic TIs and new approaches for realizing QAHE in higher temperature;
  4. defects and electronic properties of topological materials such as Dirac/Weyl semimetals, TIs and QAHIs;
  5. magnetic imaging antiferromagnetic domain walls.