Ray Sharma

Astrophysics PhD student

About Me

I am an astrophysics PhD student at Rutgers University working with Alyson Brooks and Rachel Somerville. My primary research interests are using simulations to study both the role of massive black holes in dwarf galaxy evolution, and the role of galaxy mergers in black hole fueling.

I use high resolution cosmological simulations to understand how massive black holes may form, grow, and (directly or indirectly) affect the population of dwarf galaxies we see today. This work is done in collaboration with the N-Body Shop.

I also study galaxy mergers as triggers of supermassive black hole activity in cosmological zoom simulations. Generating mock observations allows me to characterize how observational biases may affect conclusions.

Finally, I have an interest in applications of machine learning and data science in astronomy.


R. Sharma, A. Brooks, R. Somerville, et al., 2019, Black Hole Growth and Feedback in Isolated Romulus25 Dwarf Galaxies.


All of my original projects and contributions to other projects can be found on Github.
I will post highlights here from time to time!

crime-activity-seattle - An analysis of police records within Seattle city limits.
gobbler - Thanksgiving-themed image catalog


My favorite presentation slides can be found on Speakerdeck.