01:750:327: Modern Instrumentation

Instructor: Prof. Andrew Mastbaum
Office: W320 Physics & Astronomy Building

Course Overview

This one-semester course provides an introduction to modern instrumentation and electronics. It is designed to provide even beginning students with the knowledge and skills necessary for building useful and interesting circuits either in the modern research laboratory or on their own. The course is focused on techniques and devices currently used in modern equipment, and special attention is paid to the basic ideas and techniques used with important types of circuits.

Topics covered will include:

There will be one 80-minute lecture and one 180-minute lab per week. Lectures will occasionally include unannounced quizzes, which contribute substantially to your final grade. These quizzes cannot be made up, but the lowest score from the semester will be dropped.

Lectures are held every week. Some labs will be completed in one week, while others span two weeks. Everyone must individually prepare a laboratory report for each lab.


The course grade will be based primarily (75%) on the lab reports. The remaining 25% is based on participation and quiz scores.

Grades will be availiable on Canvas thoughout the semester.


The primary, required textbook is:

A copy of the textbook is reserved at the Rutgers University library.


Week Topic Chapters
1 DC voltage dividers 2–6, 15–16
2 AC circuits, capacitance, impedance 7–9, 12, 17, 51, 53
3 RLC resonance 8–12
4 Diodes and transistors 40–45
5 Operational amplifiers 28–31
7 Differential and instrumentation amps 29, 31, 32
9 Digital circuits, timers and counters 19, 21–24
11 Digitization: DACs and ADCs 34–36, 54
12 Data Acquisition: GPIB and LabView