Principles of Astrophysics 342
Fall 2003


Course Supervisor and Lecturer: Prof. Jack Hughes, Busch Campus, Serin-307, Tel: (732)445-0980, e-mail:

Grader: Mr. Tian Feng, e-mail:

Textbook: An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics, by B.W. Carroll & D.A. Ostlie (required) available from the bookstore.

Overview: The properties and processes of the solar system, the nature of galaxies, and cosmology.

Format: The course consists of 2 lectures each week given during period TTh5 (2:50PM - 4:10PM) in room 220 of the Science and Engineering Resource Center (SERC)(SEC), Busch Campus.

Homework Policy: Weekly homework (H/W) assignments will be posted on the Web. H/W is due by 4:30PM, Thursday, of the week indicated. NO LATE HOMEWORKS WILL BE ACCEPTED - NO EXCEPTIONS. Plan to hand in your H/W before class on Thursday. If you miss class on Thursday please leave your H/W in Hughes' mailbox in room 241 Serin or slip it under his office door (Serin 307W). Access to these parts of Serin are restricted after 4:30PM, so be sure to plan ahead!

Academic Integrity: The homework and exams you turn in must be your own, independent work. Violating this policy will be considered a breach of academic integrity. For more information on Rutgers' Academic Integrity Policy click here .

Grading and Assessment: Final grades will be based on the following elements (all exams will be closed book):

Announcements: Special announcements will be posted on the web. The home page for the course is

Office Hours: You may come by Prof. Hughes' office anytime or send him (simple) questions via e-mail.


Two terms of introductory physics, two terms of calculus and Ph 341. Primarily for science majors.

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