Rutgers University

Department of Physics

Physics 695, Geometry, Topology, and Modern Field Theory  Fall 2010,  Gregory Moore


This is a course on some aspects of the interaction between the mathematics of geometry and topology with current topics of interest in mathematical and particle physics. The course is primarily intended for physics graduate students intending to specialize in particle theory, but graduates students interested in condensed matter theory will find some useful material here. It will also have material of interest to mathematics students with some interest in mathematical physics. A more detailed  course description of a similar course I taught in 2007 can be found here.


In 2010 the choice of topics will be slightly different. It will definitely include connections on bundles and (abelian) electric-magnetic duality. The course meets Monday-Wednesday 1:40-3:00 (note time change from earlier announcement). The first meeting for the course will be Wednesday, September 8, 2010 in Serin East 385.