Keck LRIS/ESI Data Reduction Cookbooks

Careful data reduction is a necessary ingredient in getting the correct results. The methods I've recommended here result from good advice, repeated tinkering, and careful thinking about statistics. However, no warranty is express or implied, and if you have suggestions for improving these methods please let me know.

For multislit spectroscopy, try the LRIS(B) Multislit Reduction Cookbook and for longslit spectroscopy, there's the LRIS(B) Longslit Reduction Cookbook.

Some observing programs benefit from a quick onsite data reduction. Precision is sacrificed for speed in the LRIS(B) Longslit Realtime Reduction Cookbook and the ESI Low-D Realtime Reduction Cookbook.
In order to reduce multislit data, first you've got to do the observations right, which is pretty challenging. Here's the Keck LRIS(B) Multislit Observation Cookbook.
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