Chicago Crime Visualizations

This project analyzes Chicago's crime. In this section, you'll find visualizations related to this work.

The figure below shows a heatmap of Chicago crimes, allowing you to change the crime type and the date range to see how crimes vary geographically. Chicago community areas are colored by their crime rate (per year, per 100 thousand people) within the selected date range and for the selected crime. Hover your mouse over the map to see the exact numbers for each neighborhood.

Astrophysical Visualizations

Here you can see visualizations from my research, which uses simulations to study galaxy formation.

The video below shows the evolution of a Milky Way-mass simulated galaxy and its immediate surroundings. Only stars are shown, and are color coded by their chemical composition, with blue=fewer heavy elements and red=more heavy elements. The main Milky Way-mass galaxy is at the center, and is saturated (white). Other, smaller galaxies can be seen falling into the gravitational well of the main galaxy, with many being destroyed and contributing to the stellar debris around the galaxy, known as a "stellar halo." Some of the smaller galaxies seem to appear/disappear as they go into/out of the field of view of the "camera." This simulation contains gas and the gravitational influence of dark matter, but neither are shown in this movie. The frame is roughly 500,000 light-years across.

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