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Special Permission Number/Prerequisite Override

Request Form


Use this form to request a special permission number to get into a particular course/section (including labs) for Spring 2017. Please refer to the Rutgers University Schedule of Classes Website for the course and section information you will need to complete this form. The section is denoted by 'SEC' on that site, which appears before the index # and is either highlighted red or green.

Because enrollment in the large introductory courses changes frequently, students must abide by the following dates for Spring 2017 SP# requests for 100- and 200-level courses (excluding honors physics):
  • Students w/ 58+ credits earned may submit requests beginning November 21, 2016.
  • Students w/ 57 or fewer credits earned may submit requests beginning December 16, 2016.

Because of the high demand for the introductory course sequences Physics for the Sciences (ph 194), Extended General Physics (ph 201), General Physics (ph203 and 204), and General Physics Lab (ph 205 and 206), priority will be given to students who have completed 58 (seniors & juniors) or more credits.

Students who have not taken ph 193 will only be admitted to ph 194 on a space-available basis starting January 13, 2017.
Any requests that do not adhere to the above stipulations will not be reviewed.

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You may list the sections in order of preference, but it is important to list at least 3 because many may already be filled to capacity.

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Check this box if the course section is open but, after attempting to register, you received a message that you do not meet the prerequisite(s)

Important: PLEASE NOTE THAT SUBMITTING THIS FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE SPECIAL PERMISSION; but, IF granted, may only be used by the person to whom it was issued; sharing of special permission numbers is not allowed. You will be responsible for clearing any time conflicts with the section(s) you choose.

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Revised Nov 10, 2016