Examination Schedule Physics 161 (Fall 2017):                    Return to Index


First Exam

Thursday, Oct  19, 2017

10:00pm - 11:20pm in ARC-103

Second Exam

Thursday, Nov 16, 2017

10:00pm - 11:20pm ARC-103

Final Exam

Wednesday, Dec 20, 2017

12:00 pm - 3:00 pm



The exams cover materials from the text, lectures and laboratory/workshops (See syllabus).

The exams are multiple choice and will be machine graded.  There are about fifteen questions in the 80-minute exams (or thirty in the 3-hour final).  The exams are closed-book.  You may bring one 8.5 x 11" sheet of notes in your own handwriting (no xerox copies) (two sheets for the final).  

Bring a calculator, backup batteries and several pens and pencils to the exam. 

No communication devices, cell phones, backpacks, etc. are allowed. If you bring them, you have to leave them at the front of the room during the exam. Students who have any communication devices on them during the exam, will receive a zero exam score. 

If you need to miss an exam for a valid reason (such as an exam conflict or a medical problem), you may qualify for a make-up exam.  Contact Prof. Kloet in advance and provide a written note explaining the reason for missing the exam.


 laboratory/workshop          21%
 On Line Homework            15%
 first exam                   15%
 second exam              15%
 final exam                          30%
 PRS                          4%