Getting Started with WebAssign

The best way to access Webassign is via the link provided in your Sakai account. That way your name will be automatically added to the roster. For your username enter the first letter of your last name in lowercase, followed by ALL 9 DIGITS of your ID number. For the institution, enter rutgers in lowercase, i.e. don't capitalize rutgers. For the password, enter your 9-digit ID number including leading zeroes if any. After you have logged in, you can (and undoubtedly should) change your password, but you cannot change your username or institution. NOTE: This applies only to students who have not previously used WebAssign. If you have previously used WebAssign, your previous password remains valid.

One can also log in directly at WebAssign Login, but your login information will not be recognized by the system until you log in at least once from your Sakai account.

If you are unable to get into WebAssign for any reason, send email to Prof. Duiliu Emanuel Diaconescu .

Although you can log into WebAssign and examine the homework assignments starting on September 6, you won't be able to submit answers until you register your WebAssign access code. You can purchase the card bundled with the textbook, or you can purchase it separately from the cashiers at either the Rutgers University Bookstore or the Cook/Douglass Cooperative Bookstore, or you can buy it online at the WebAssign site.

Here is a quick start document from WebAssign.

Changing your password and/or email address

As mentioned above, your initial password is your 9-digit ID number. Your email address in WebAssign is your eden account address. If you wish to change either of these, just log into WebAssign and click the My Options button located near the top right, just below the Logout button. That will take you to a page with buttons for changing password or email address.

After changing your password or email address, BE SURE TO CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON or else the change won't be made.

Preparing Homework Assignments

Each assignment is due on Wednesday at 11:59pm. WebAssign enforces this deadline very strictly, and won't accept a submission if you are even one second late. If you have a valid reason for missing a deadline, contact Prof. Duiliu Emanuel Diaconescu .

The lectures and recitations each week will give you practice in doing problems similar to the ones in the assignment due the following Monday. You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates, and the Math and Science Learning Center would be an excellent place for you and your friends to work together. Of course you should attempt the problems on your own before discussing them with your friends. If you simply copy someone else's method for solving a problem, you will not have learned it well enough for success on exams.

When you are ready to submit an assignment, note that you can enter numerical answers in a variety of formats:

Submitting Homework Assignments

Once you've entered your answers, click the "Submit for grading" button at the bottom of the assignment. Your assignment will be returned with answers marked correct (with a check) or incorrect (with an X). If any were incorrect, you can retry the assignment. When you are ready to resubmit, click the "Review Last Submission" button. This will bring up all previous answers and allow you to edit the incorrect ones. If you simply call up the assignment, all answers are taken as blank again, and you will need to re-enter all your previous correct answers.

You are allowed up to 5 submissions for each assignment. The last submission you make is the one whose grade will be recorded. Here are some helpful hints concerning submission of homework: