Physics 123 - Analytical Physics I
Classical Mechanics
Instructor and Workshop Information



Prof. Frank Zimmermann Lecturer and Course Supervisor
Lectures: Friday 4th period (1:40 - 3:00 PM)
 Friday, 5th period (3:20 - 4:40 PM)
 Friday, 6th period (5:00 - 6:20 PM)

Office:  NanoPhysics Lab (NPL) 204
Office Hours:
 Mondays 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM, NPL 204.
Phone: 848-445-8269 (but please use email instead)
fmz "at" physics "dot" rutgers "dot" edu

Prof. Roy Joaquín Montalvo

     Course Administrator and Instructor
Office:  Physics and Astronomy W204
Office Hours:
 Tuesdays 12:00PM - 1:00 PM

e-mail:montalvo "at" physics "dot" rutgers "dot" edu

Kyle Dettman Course Assistant and Instructor
Office Hours: Monday 10:00-11:00AM ARC 328
e-mail:dettman "at" physics "dot" rutgers "dot" edu

Ahsan Khan Office Hours:Monday 4:00-5:00PM ARC 328
e-mail: azk7hd "AT"

Aidan Zabalo Office Hours:Tuesday 10:00-11:00AM ARC 328
e-mail: olabaz "AT"

Anthony Young Office Hours:Monday 2:00-3:00PM ARC 328
e-mail: ayoung "AT"

Ghanashyam Khanal Office Hours:Thursday 9:00-10:00AM ARC 332
e-mail: khanal "AT"

Konrad Genser Office Hours: Monday 9:00-10:00AM ARC 328
e-mail: kg536 "AT"

Kosta Morfesis Office Hours:Thursday 11:00-12:00PM ARC 328
e-mail: morfesisko "AT"

Leonardo Santana Office Hours:Thursday 12:00-1:00PM ARC 332
e-mail: santana "AT"

Mai Ye Office Hours:Tuesday 9:00-10:00AM ARC 328
e-mail: mye "AT"

Ramon Sharma Office Hours: Monday 3:00-4:00PM ARC 328
e-mail: ramon.sharma "AT"

Vaibhav Dwivedi Office Hours: Thursday 8:00-9:00PM ARC 332
e-mail: dwivedi "AT"

Xianghan Xu Office Hours:Wednesday 9:00-10:00PM ARC 332
e-mail: xianghanxu "AT"

Yixing Fu Office Hours:Wednesday 3:00-4:00PM ARC 332
e-mail: yxfu "AT"

Zhenyuan Zhang Office Hours:Wednesday 9:00-10:00AM ARC 332
e-mail: zyzhang "AT"

01M 0140-0300 PMRoy Montalvo
02M 0640-0800 PMVaibhav Dwivedi
03T 0500-0620 PMRamon Sharma
04T 0940-1100 PMYixing Fu
05W 0840-1000 AMAidan Zabalo
06W 0320-0440 PMAidan Zabalo
07W 0810-0930 PMLeonardo Santana
08H 1020-1140 AMKonrad Genser
09H 0500-0620 PMAnthony Young
10H 0940-1100 PMZhenyuan Zhang
11F 0320-0440 PMAnthony Young
12M 0320-0440 PMKyle Dettman
16M 0810-0930 PMAhsan Khan
17T 0320-0440 PMKosta Morfesis
18T 0810-0930 PMYixing Fu
19W 1020-1140 AMXianghan Xu
20W 0500-0620 PMXianghan Xu
21W 0940-1100 PMLeonardo Santana
22H 1200-0120 PMKonrad Genser
23H 0640-0800 PMZhenyuan Zhang
24F 1020-1140 AMGhanashyam Khanal
25F 0500-0620 PMAnthony Young
26M 0500-0620 PMRamon Sharma
27M 0940-1100 PMMai Ye
28T 1020-1140 AMRamon Sharma
29T 0640-0800 PMYixing Fu
30W 1200-0120 PMXianghan Xu
31W 0640-0800 PMLeonardo Santana
32H 0840-1000 AMKonrad Genser
33H 0320-0440 PMAidan Zabalo
34H 0810-0930 PMZhenyuan Zhang
35F 1200-0120 PMGhanashyam Khanal
36F 0140-0300 PMGhanashyam Khanal
37F 0640-0800 PMGhanashyam Khanal