Physics 123 - Analytical Physics I

Classical Mechanics - Fall 2017

Course Lecturer: Prof. Frank Zimmermann Course Administrator: Prof. Roy Joaquín Montalvo Course Assistant: Kyle Dettman

Course Information and Announcements:

Final Exam Locationos Make sure you know your final exam location, if you show to the wrong room your exam will not be there.

Monday 12/18 and Tuesday 12/19 Office Hours
Monday December 18: from 10AM to 9PM in Serin 227
Tuesday December 19: from 10AM to 1PM in Serin 227
Note: Serin 227 is the Recitation room.

Post Test and Survey
The post-test Makeup will be on December 13th from 11am - 2pm.
To complete the post-survey use this link: The deadline to complete the survey is December 15th at 11:59PM
NOTE: If you are alredy authenticated to any Rutgers service (such as email) the link above will take you directly to the survey. If you are not, it will ask you to authenticate using your netID and password.

Final Exam Conflicts
A student shall be said to have an exam conflict if that student has:
  • 1) More than two (2) exams on one calendar day.
  • 2) More than two (2) exams scheduled in consecutive periods (E.g.: a student has exams scheduled for 4-7 PM and 8-11 PM on one day and 8-11 AM on the following day).
  • 3) Two exams scheduled for the same exam period.
  • Rescheduling Guidelines:
  • In the case of a student with a 3 exam conflict, the middle of the 3 exams will be the one for which such a conflict exam period must be found.
  • In the case of a 4 exam conflict it will be the second exam which must yield. If there were 5 consecutive exams, it would be the middle exam to yield.

  • If you need to schedule a conflict Make-Up Contact Prof. Montalvo by December 5th.
  • To be considered for a conflict Make-Up - Include a copy of your official Final Exam Schedule
  • The Conflict Final Exam Make-Up will be held December 15 from 4pm-7pm. Serin Physics Bldg. 227

  • Exam 2

    Exam 1

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  • Graduate Student Physics Tutors The physics graduate students in the list below have indicated an interest in tutoring students in undergraduate physics courses. If you would be interested in having a tutor, please feel free to contact them. The tutoring is for a fee that you will need to negotiate with the tutor. There is in addition free peer tutoring offered at the  Rutgers Learning Centers
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