Physics 123 - Analytical Physics I

Classical Mechanics - Fall 2016

Course Lecturer: Prof. Frank Zimmermann Course Administrator: Prof. Roy Joaquín Montalvo Course Assistant: Anthony Frachioni

Course Announcements:

Exam 1 grades are posted on the gradebook. Also the solutions are HERE

Weekly Tutoring Hours:  
The hours are:
		Wednesdays 3-4PM,    ARC 332	
		Thursdays  2-7PM,    ARC 332
		Fridays    11AM-2PM  ARC 332
		Fridays    4-6PM     ARC 326

-Do not forget to work the Pre-Lab before your recitation. These are due at the beginning of your section.

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Frank Zimmermann


Tycho Brahe

Johannes Kepler

Roy Montalvo

Nicolaus Copernicus


Michael Faraday

Maria Goeppert-Mayer

James Clerk Maxwell

Richard Feynman

Marie Curie

Enrico Fermi

Albert Einstein

Paul Dirac