Physics 123 - Analytical Physics I

Classical Mechanics - Fall 2014

Lecturer: Prof. Frank Zimmermann
Course Administrator and lecturer: Prof. Joel Shapiro
Course Assistant: Sean Brennan

Course Announcements

There will be help sessions in the MSLC on Monday and Tuesday before the exam. See the schedule.

There will be Post-Tests given in recitation next week, Dec. 8-10.
If you have taken the Post-test earlier, you can skip recitation then.
You also need to take the online survey.

If you have a conflict with the final exam (Tuesday, Dec. 16, 4-7 PM) the makeup exam will be Friday, Dec. 19, 12-3 PM in SEC 203. You need to send Prof. Shapiro the reason you have a conflict.

The Final Exam will be in Scott 123, the CAC Gym and Gym Annex.

Please don't forget the SIRS teaching evaluations.

Galileo Galilei

Isaac Newton

Frank Zimmermann


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Tycho Brahe

Johannes Kepler

 Joel Shapiro
Joel Shapiro

Nicolaus Copernicus

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 Sean Brennan  
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 Pouya Asadi  
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 Caitlin Carpenter  
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 Huijie Guan
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 Colin Rylands  
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 Patrick Zywicki  



Michael Faraday

Maria Goeppert-Mayer

James Clerk Maxwell

Richard Feynman

Marie Curie

Enrico Fermi

Albert Einstein

Paul Dirac