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High energy experiment

Research Activities

(with Sunil Somalwar and Gordon Thomson)
We are participating in the KTeV experiment at Fermilab. This experiment involves research on the source of the violation of Charge-Parity (CP) symmetry using a beam of neutral K mesons. CP violation is one of the least understood aspects of the current Standard Model of particle physics. It is believed to be related to the matter-antimatter asymmetry that became manifested in the early universe. Determining whether the magnitude of CP violating amplitudes are consistent with the Standard Model is currently one of the most important issues confronting particle physics. Since the KTeV experiment provides an extremely intense beam of neutral K mesons, it also provides a rich source of thesis topics involving the measurement of various rare decay modes of the K mesons. The KTeV experiment is a relatively small High Energy Physics experiment, and our students have the opportunity to master all aspects of research, such as hardware, software, and particle physics which is the driving force behind the experiment. Given the experiment's schedule, the students are expected to have the thesis data soon after beginning research.

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