Monday April 22, 2013, 1:30 PM, room 385E

Heavy ion collisions at the Fermi energies using CHIMERA apparatus: reaction mechanisms and fragments production

Elena Geraci (Catania, Italy)

One of the goals of heavy-ion physics at Fermi energies (15-150 AMeV) is to explore the phase diagram of nuclear matter and to establish the properties of the expected phase transition from the liquid state to a gas of free nucleons. Studies of dynamics and thermodynamics of heavy ion collisions, together with the formation of highly excited nuclear systems, are important probes to investigate the evolution of relevant quantities, as symmetry energy, from low density nuclear matter, through multi-fragmentation processes, up to saturation densities of the compound nucleus regime.

In particular, characteristic features of fragments produced in central collisions in 58Ni+48Ca system at 25 AMeV are analyzed. The experiment has been performed at Laboratori Nazionali del Sud (Italy) with the Chimera Multidetector. The competition of different decay channels is investigated for central collisions. Relevant correlations of some multifragmentation observable are discussed in order to characterize the fragmentation path, providing new information on the low-density behaviour of nuclear matter.