The Rutgers Physics & Astronomy Newsletter       Number S24-15    2024-Apr 15

          Editor: Daniel Friedan        Publisher: Christina Pettola
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Reminder that the annual Department Banquet and Awards Ceremony, co-hosted by Society of Physics Students and Rutgers Astronomical Society, will be this Wednesday, April 17 starting at 6pm in the International Lounge in the Busch Student Center.  The costs of the banquet are generously supported by the Department Chair’s Fund – thank you to those who help contribute to this Fund. Note that all seats at the annual Department’s Banquet on April 17 have been filled.

     Seminars and colloquia are being conducted either in-person, on the web, or hybrid. See below the events listing for pages giving instructions for connecting to the web seminars.

HET  Tues Apr 16       Temple He, Caltech
2:30   385E and Zoom   "A synergy of shockwaves, edge modes, and infrared physics"

SIP  Tues Apr 16       Nicholas Adams, Elizaveta Trunina, Anushka Saha and Kaustubh Roy, Rutgers University
5:00   330W            TBA

MPS  Wed Apr 17        Margherita Disertori, University of Bonn
10:45   Zoom           "Fractional Anderson model and long-range self-avoiding walks"

IQB  Wed Apr 17        John Jimah, Princeton University
12:00   Zoom           "Structural biology of membrane architecture and remodeling"

COL  Wed Apr 17        Michael Zwick, Senior VP for Research at Rutgers
3:30   330W and Zoom   "Free ranging discussion on research at Rutgers"

MPS  Thurs Apr 18      Yi-Zhi Huang, Rutgers University
12:10   Hill 705       "Mathematical construction of two-dimensional conformal field theories"

I2I  Thurs Apr 18       Wen-Sen Lu, Atlantic Quantum
12:00  330W and Zoom    "Invitation to Industry from Wen-Sen Lu in Quantum Computing"

HET  Thurs Apr 18      Carlos Blanco, Princeton University
2:30   385E and Zoom   "Scintillating Methods to Detect Dark Matter from Nano to Astro Scales"

*********Partial List of Next Week's Seminars**************

CMS  Tues Apr 23       Andrey Chubukov, University of Minnesota
1:30   330W and Zoom   "Unconventional discontinuous transitions in a 2D system with spin and valley degrees of freedom"

HET  Tues Apr 23        Ibrahima Bah, Johns Hopkins University
2:30   385E and Zoom    TBA

MPS  Wed Apr 24        Ilya A. Gruzberg, The Ohio State University
10:45   Zoom           "Multifractals and conformal invariance at Anderson transitions"

IQB  Wed Apr 24        Oriana Fisher, Lehigh University
12:00   Zoom           "Bracing bacteria for copper acquisition"

COL  Wed Apr 24        Natalia Perkins, University of Minnesota
3:30   330W and Zoom   "Exploring Quantum Spin Liquids: From Theory to Experiment"

AST  Thurs Apr 25      Anna Wright, Johns Hopkins University
2:00   330W and Zoom   "Previewing Roman's Survey of Stellar Halos Using the FOGGIE Simulations"


The departmental calendar of colloquia and seminars is

For instructions for connecting to the web seminars, see

     AST        Astrophysics Seminar               
     CCB        Chemistry & Chemical Biology       
     CMS        Condensed Matter Seminar           
     COL        Colloquium                         
     CQB        Center for Quantitative Biology    
     DELTA-P    Developing Educators and Leaders 
                       Among TAs in Physics        
     GAP        Geometry & Physics Seminar
     HET        High Energy Theory Seminar         
     HEX        High Energy Experimental           
     HON        Honors Seminar
     I2I        Invitations to Industry
     IQB        Institute for Quantitative Biomedicine
     JPAS       Junior Physics & Astronomy Seminar
     LSM        Lab for Surface Modification       
     MiPA/EIJC  RU Minorities in P & A /           
                       Equity & Inclusion Journal Club                                      
     ML         Machine Learning Group Meeting
     MPS        Mathematical Physics Seminar       
     MSE        Materials Science & Engineering    
     NPS        Nuclear Physics Seminar            
     PAER       Physics and Astronomy Education Research
     PCS        Physical Chemistry Seminar         
     SIP        Seminar in Physics                 
     SPS        Society of Physics Students Talk Series
     SSPAR      Student Seminars in P & A at Rutgers