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Fall 2018

Dec 11, 2018, N. Bao, Aspects of Holographic Entanglement of Purification

Dec 04, 2018, G. Kribs, Dark Mesons at the LHC

Nov 27, 2018, M. Freytsis, Towards precision physics with jet substructure

Nov 20, 2018, D. Harlow, The factorization problem in Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity

Nov 13, 2018, Z. Komargodski, Baryons in one-flavor QCD

Nov 06, 2018, D. Robinson, Right-handed Neutrinos in Semileptonic B Decays

Oct 30, 2018, T. Slatyer, Dark Matter Annihilation, Decay and Scattering in the Cosmic Dawn

Oct 23, 2018, O. Slone, A Test of Dark Matter vs IR Modifications to Gravity with Local Milky Way Observables

Oct 19, 2018, N. Arkani-Hamed, Combinatorial Origins of Locality and Unitarity, Particles and Strings

Oct 9, 2018, M. Dedushenko, 3D TQFTs from Argyres-Douglas Theories

Oct 2, 2018, S. Shao, The Power of Non-Symmetry

Sept 25, 2018, B. Swingle, Scrambling, Locality, and Quantum Fluctuations

Fall 2016

11/15/16, B. Safdi, Cosmic Axion Detection with an Amplifying B-field Ring Apparatus

10/04/16, N. Seiberg, A Duality Web in 2 + 1 Dimensions and the Unity of Physics

09/27/16, R. D'Agnolo, Exceptionally Light Thermal Relics

09/13/16, M. Dine, Monodromy in QCD: Insights From Supersymmetric Theories with Soft Breakings

Spring 2016

05/17/16, J. Rudermann, Dark Sectors with a Mass Gap

05/10/16, D. Xie, New N=2 dualities

05/03/16, S. Minwalla, A Membrane Paradigm at Large D

04/26/16, S. Knapen, Diphotons

04/19/16, T. Dimofte, Vortices, Monopoles, and Finite AGT

04/12/16, D. Marsh, Genericity and universality in the string theory landscape

04/05/16, C. Beem, Studying six-dimensional (2,0) theories with the superconformal bootstrap.

03/29/16, T. Hartman, Causality Sum Rules in Quantum Field Theory

03/22/16, J. Heckman, UV Completions for Super-Critical Strings

03/15/16, I. Rothstein, Calculating Precision Gravity Wave Templates from Effective Field Theory

03/01/16, G. Dunne, Resurgence and non-perturbative physics: decoding the path integral

02/23/16, S. Dubovsky, Towards a Theory of the QCD String

02/16/16, J. Evans, Displaced Leptons and Other Exotic Objects at the LHC

02/09/16, M. Spradlin, Cluster Algebras and Scattering Amplitudes

02/02/16, L. Carpenter, Indirect Detection Constraints on Dark Matter Model Space

Fall 2015

12/08/15, M. Reece, Exploring the Weak Gravity Conjecture

12/01/15, S. Pufu, Accidental Symmetries and the Conformal Bootstrap

11/17/15, J. Galloway, Goldstone Gauginos

11/10/15, Y. Grossman, New Standard Physics at the LHC

11/03/15, H. Liu, Effective Field Theory of Dissipative Fluids

10/27/15, D. Harlow, Wormholes, Emergent Gauge Fields, and the Weak Gravity Conjecture

10/20/15, D. Curtin, Discovering Neutral Naturalness

10/06/15, W. Altmannshofer, Hints for Flavorful New Physics

09/29/15, D. Stanford, Chaos and black holes

09/24/15, A. Kitaev, Simple Model of Quantum Holography

09/22/15, C. Cordova, Anomalies, RG Flows, and the a-Theorem in 6d

09/15/15, R.Penco, Effective String Theory in a Tank

09/08/15, H. Kim, Duality Walls in 5d Gauge Theories

Spring 2015

05/12/15, M. del Zotto, 4D N=2 Galois symmetries

05/05/15, D. Pinner, Folded SUSY with a Twist

04/28/15, D. Harlow, Bulk Locality and Quantum Error Correction in AdS/CFT

04/21/15, T. Dumitrescu, Weyl Anomalies of Dix-Dimensional (2,0) Theories

04/07/15, A. Hook, The Strong CP Problem at the LHC

03/31/15, X. Yin, Little string theory (0,2) SCFT and constraints from maximal supersymmetry

03/24/15, M. Dine, Spontaneous CP Violation and the Strong CP Problem

03/10/15, D. Poland, Recent Results in the Conformal Bootstrap

03/03/15, J. Siegal Gaskins, Gamma Rays From Dark Matter in the Inner Galaxy

02/24/15, M.Schwartz, Do we know if our universe is stable?

02/17/15, H.Elvang, Holography for N=2 and N=1

Fall 2014

12/12/14, E.Witten, Some Details on the Gooakumar-Vafa and Ooguri-Vafa Formulas

11/18/14, J.Barnard, Composite Higgs Models with "the works"

11/11/14, S.Gori, Looking for Dark Forces with Multi-Leptons

11/04/14, D.Morrison, What is F-Theory?

10/28/14, F.Denef, Holographic Theory of Higher Spin de Sitter Space

10/21/14, E.Rabinocivi, Geometry and Noise

10/14/14, B.Shuve, Improving Identification of Dijet Resonances at the LHC

10/07/14, D.Park, Dualities of 2d(2,2) theories and cluster algebras

09/30/14, D.Spergel, Searching for Gravitational Waves in The Microwave Background

09/23/14, N.Seiberg, Generalized Global Symmetries

09/21/14, Y.Shirman, Dynamics of 3D gauge theories with antisymmetric matter

Spring 2014

05/13/14, J.Giedt, Lattice N=4 super-Yang-Mills

04/29/14, P.Agrawal, Dark Matter: The Lepton Connection

04/22/14, B.Tweedie, Pulling Out All the Stops

04/15/14, R.Essig, The Search for sub-GeV Dark Matter

04/01/14, N.Nekrasov, Nonperturbative Dyson-Schwinger, BPS/CFT correspondence and qq-characters

03/11/14, Y.Huang, New and Old Tales From Manifest Locality and Unitarity

03/04/14, T.Faulkner, Geometry and Dynamics From Entanglement Entropy

02/25/14, V.Kazakov, Status of Spectral Problem in Planar N=4 SYM Theory

02/20/14, A.Strominger, Infrared Structure of Gauge and Gravity Theories in Minkowski Space

02/11/14, A.Larkoski, IRC Safety vs Computability

02/04/14, N.Arkani-Hamed, The Amplituhedron

Fall 2013

11/20/13, K.Agashe, Using energy-peaks to measure particle (new and old) masses

11/12/13, A.Hook, Signatures of Naturalness

11/05/13, Y.Bai, Fermion Portal Dark Matter

10/22/13, R.Myers, On Spacetime Entanglement

10/22/13, J.Shelton, Looking for Dissipative Dark Matter

10/08/13, T.Dimofte

10/01/13, J.Maldacena, Entanglement and Geometry

09/24/13, C.Brust, New Light Species & the CMB

09/17/13, S.Caron-Huot, When Does the Gluon Reggeize?

09/17/13, D.Persson, BPS-states and automorphic representations

09/10/13, D.Curtin, Casting Light on BSM Physics with SM Standard Candles

Spring 2013

05/07/13, I.Yaakov, Supersymmetric vortex loops in 3d gauge theory

04/30/13, R.Sundrum, Metaphor for Dark Energy

04/23/13, J.Ruderman, Dark Matters in Supersymmetry

04/18/13, K.Intriligator, Aspects of 3d, N=2 Chern Simons Theories

04/09/13, A.Menon, Searching for Neutral Higgs Bosons in Non-Standard Channels

04/02/13, A.Castro, Black Hole Monodromy and Conformal Field Theory

03/26/13, M.Lisanti, A Flow of Dark Matter Debris

03/12/13, G.Kribs, Supersafe Supersymmetry with a Dirac Gluino

03/05/13, D.Spergel, Using CMB as a Tool to Study the Composition of the Universe

02/26/13, D.Simmons-Duffin, The Analytic Bootstrap and AdS Superhorizon Locality

02/19/13, D.Xie, Constructing BPS Quiver and Potential

02/12/13, R.Volpato, Generalised Mathieu Moonshine

02/05/13, D.Stolarksi, Gauging the Way to MFV

01/22/13, T.Son, The Geometry of the Quantum Hall Effect

Fall 2012

12/11/12, P.Argyres, Cosmic Clues for Dark Matter and Their Implications for a Dark Matter Asymmetry

12/04/12, T.Dimofte, Supersymmetric Boundary Conditions, Symmetry Enhancement, and E7 Surprises

11/27/12, J.Maldacena, Comments on Black Hole Interiors

11/20/12, B.Machta, 2D Ising Criticality in the Cellular Membrane

11/13/12, V.Pestun, The N=2 quiver gauge theories and ADE spinchains

11/06/12, J.Galloway, Nonstandard EWSB: Status and Prospects

10/23/12, R.Boels, Maximally R-symmetry Violating Amplitudes in Type IIB Superstring Theory

10/16/12, O.Aharony, Large N Chern-Simons-Matter Theories and Three Dimensional Bosonization

10/09/12, D.Harlow, The Wave Function of the University in Higher Spin Gravity

10/02/12, K.Zurek, Cosmic Clues for Dark Matter and Their Implications for a Dark Matter Asymmetry

09/25/12, F.Smirnov, One-point functions for sine-Gordon model at finite temperature

09/11/12, S.Hartnell, Ohm's Law and cold black holes

Spring 2012

05/16/12, E.Kuflik, A 125 GeV Higgs -- From Naturalness to Fourth Generation and Beyond

04/17/12, D.Krohn, Q Jets

04/10/12, T.Ghergetta, Natural SUSY, Split Families and Unification

04/03/12, A.Vichi, Solving the 3D Ising Model with the Conformal Bootstrap

03/27/12, J.Thaler, The Two Faces of Anomaly Mediation

03/20/12, S.Pufu, Is there an F-theorem?

03/06/12, N.Craig, Flavor Mediation

02/23/12, M.Buckley, Constraining Asymmetric Dark Matter

02/21/12, A.Katz, SUSY, The Third Generation and the LHC

02/16/12, T.Cohen, Singlet-Doublet Dark Matter

02/14/12, S.Ramazat, N=2 Superconformal Index and Relativistic Calogero-Sutherland Models

01/31/12, J.Henn, Analytic Results for scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang Mills

01/16/12, T.Hartman, Higher Spin Black Holes from 2d CFT

Fall 2011

12/08/11, E.Cobanera, Dualities and Dimensional Reduction

12/06/11, S.Oh, Atomic-Engineering and Topological Insulators

12/06/11, J.Kaplan, The Holographic S-Matrix

11/29/11, S.Monnier, The global gravitational anomaly of the self-dual field theory

11/22/11, D.Gaiotto, 3D SCFTs and the Geometry of 3 Manifolds

11/15/11, A.Zhiboedev, All possible symmetries of CFTs

11/08/11, N.Seiberg, Curved Superspace

11/03/11, C.Csaki, MFV SUSY: A Natural Alternative to R-parity

10/25/11, M.Buican, R Symmetry and Non-Perturbative QFT

10/18/11, T.Slatyer, Signatures of Dark Matter Annihilation in the CMB

10/11/11, J.Harvey, K3 Surfaces, Mock Modular Forms, and Moonshine

10/04/11, N.Arkani-Hamed, Grassmanian Polytopes and Scattering Amplitudes

09/27/11, I.Klebanov, Measuring the Number of Degrees of Freedom in Three-dimensional CFT

09/22/11, G.Torroba, FRW holography from uplifted AdS/CFT

09/13/11, M.Spradlin, Symblifying Amplitudes and Wilson Loops

Spring 2011

05/03/11, D.Simmons-Duffin, N=1 SQCD and the Transverse Field Ising Model

04/26/26, K.Zurek, On new physics models for top AFB

04/19/11, T.Dimofte, Liouville Theory and D-Modules

04/12/11, J.Gallicchio, Gluon Tagging at the LHC

04/05/11, J.Heckman, Quasi-Hidden Sectors from Strongly Coupled Strings

03/29/11, C.Bauer, New ideas for Monte Carlo Generators

03/22/11, J.Penedones, Writing CFT Correlation Functions as AdS Scattering Amplitudes

03/08/11, C.Keller, From Navier-Stokes to Einstein

03/03/11, E.Witten, Chern-Simons Theory From Four Dimensions

03/01/11, M.Douglas, Holographic dual of free field theory

02/24/11, K.Wang, Top quark forward-backward asymmetry and the BSM candidates

02/22/11, M.Reece, Low-Scale SUSY Breaking: Collider Physics and Cosmology

02/15/11, G.Salam, QCD and the LHC

Fall 2010

11/30/10, D.Poland, Bounds on 4D Conformal and Superconformal Field Theories

11/23/10, D.Morrisey, A Unified Origin for Baryonic Visible Matter and Antibaryonic Dark Matter

11/16/10, D.Jafferis, Massive type IIA string theory cannot be strongly coupled

11/09/10, L.Rastelli, S-Duality, the 4d Super Conformal Index and 2d Topological Field Theory

11/02/10, P.Fox, FNAL and Dark Matter with a Jet

10/26/10, L.Anderson, Supersymmetry and Moduli Stabilization in Heterotic M-theory

10/19/10, Z.Komargodski, Vector Mesons and an Interpretation of Seiberg Duality

10/12/10, M.Lisanti, The Velocity Distribution of Dark Matter

10/05/10, Y.Tachikawa, More s-dualities from Outer-automorphism twists-->

09/28/10, H.Elvang, Symmetry constraints on counterterms in N=8 supergravity

09/21/10,C.Papageorgakis, Nonabelian Tensor Multiplets and 3-algebras

09/14/10, J.Fan, Non-relativistic effective theory of dark matter direct detection

08/24/10, M.Morii, LUX: A Liquid Xenon Dark Matter Detector

Spring 2010

05/11/10, N.Seiberg, Supercurrents

05/04/10, M.Schwartz, Precision Jet Physics at the LHC

04/27/10, C.Cordova, Decoupling Gravity in F-Theory

04/20/10, L.Fitzpatrick, Discovering Asymmetric Dark Matter with Anti-neutrinos

04/13/10, T.Roy, Boosting BSM Higgs Discovery Using Jet Substructure

04/06/10, M.Douglas, Compactification, Warp and Conformal Factors

03/23/10, L.Wang, Modern Jet Tools for Discovering New Physics at the LHC

03/09/10, N.Arkani-Hamed, A Duality for the S Matrix III

03/02/10, E. Witten, The Omega-Deformation, Integrability, and Liouville

02/23/10, F.Denef, Black Hole Quasinormal Modes and the de Haas-van Alphen Effect

02/16/10, J.Heckman, Signatures of Minimal F-theory GUTs

02/09/10, X.Yi, Higher Spin Gauge Theory and Holography

02/02/10, J.Ruderman, Hiding the Higgs with Lempton Jets

01/26/10, L.Alday, Thermodynamic Bubble Ansatz

01/25/10, W.Ko, Perturbing the Kagome Lattice Spin-Liquid State: Raman Scattering, Magnetic, Field, and Doping

01/19/10, M.Kharitinov, Radiation of spin excitations in the nonlinear transport regime and conductance peak in quantum wires

Fall 2009

11/24/09, W.Song, The Kerr/CFT Correspondence

11/10/09, C.Kane, Majorama Fermions and Toplological Insulators

11/03/09, F. Cachazo, A Duality for the S Matrix II

10/27/09, N.Arkani-Hamed, A Duality for the S Matrix I

10/20/09, F.Petriello, Precision Higgs physics at colliders

10/13/09, R.McElrath, The Origin of Neutrino Mass and Mixing in the Standard Model

09/29/09, D.Gaiotto, Recent Progress in N=2 Field Theory

09/22/09, Z.Komargodski, Aspects of SUSY Breaking

09/15/09, N.Seiberg, Comments on FI Terms

Spring 2009

05/08/09, G.Falkovich, Symmetries of Turbulent State

05/05/09, A.Tomasiello, Perturbing gauge/gravity duals by a Romans mass

04/28/09, C.Cheung, Unitarity and S-Matrix

04/14/09, I.Klebanov, The Squashed, Stretched and Warped gets Perturbed

04/07/09, A.LeClair, Field Theory Model of a non-Fermi Liquid for High Tc Superconductivity

03/24/09, S.Raby, A Fertile Patch in the Heterotic Landscape

03/10/09, A.Delgado, Unparticle-Higgs phenomenology

03/03/09, Y.Tachikawa, Recent developments in 4d N=2 Superconformal field theories

02/19/09, K.Zurek, Hidden Sector Dark Matter

02/16/09, U.Bruzzo, Semistable Principal Higgs Bundles

02/10/09, P.Batra, The Supersymmetric Limit of Electrotweak Symmetry

02/03/09, Z.Komargodski, Aspects of Supersymmetry and R-Symmetry Breaking

01/27/09, F.Denef, Orientiholes

Fall 2008

11/25/08, M.Reece, Phenomenology of Higgsino NLSPs

11/20/08, H.Liu, A Third Order Phase Transition for a Large N Gauge Theory with Flavors

11/11/08, D.Shih, Exploring General Gauge Mediation

11/04/08, P.Hayden, Black Holes as Mirrors

10/28/08, J.McOrist, Summing the Instantons in the Heterotic String

10/21/08, T.Volansky, Towards a complete theory of gauge mediation

10/14/08, C.Herzog, Non-Relativistic AdS/CFT

10/07/08, S.Kachru, Gravity Duals of Lifshitz-like Fixed Points

09/30/08, H.Elvang, Generating tree amplitudes in N=4 SYM and N=8 SG

09/23/08, N.Saulina, Gauge Mediation in F-theory GUT Models

Spring 2008

04/29/08, R.Leigh, Mottness and Strong Coupling

04/22/08, H.Liu, A Prediction From String Theory, with Strings Attached

04/15/08, S.Sethi, Non-Supersymmetric String Theory

04/08/08, A.Konechny, Radiation from unstable D1 branes in 2D string theory

03/11/08, A.Tomasiello, New string vacua from simple topologies

03/04/08, D.Shih, General Gauge Mediation

02/26/08, M.Schnabl, Light-like tachyon condensation in Open String Field Theory

02/19/08, M.Kleban, When Worlds Collide

02/12/08, D.Kutasov, Supersymmetry breaking in gauge theory and string theory

02/05/08, P.Graham, Searching for Gravity Waves and New Physics with Atom Interferometry

01/29/08, C.Bauer, Factorization for Jet Production

01/22/08, V.Pestun, Localization of gauge theory: exact results for circular supersymmetric Wilson loop operators

Fall 2007

12/11/07, E.Witten, More On Three-Dimensional Gravity

12/05/07, J.Harvey, Jets, Pseudo-Chern-Simons term in the Standard Model, with applications

11/27/07, G.Salam, Jets, our window on partons at the LHC

11/13/07, J.Thaler, GenEvA: A New Framework for Event Generation

11/06/07, S.Gukov, Refined Topological Vertex, Instanton Counting, and Link Homologies

10/30/07, J.Maldacena, Scattering amplitudes in N=4 super Yang Mills from strings in Anti-de-Sitter space

10/23/07, F.Denef, D-brane deconstructions in IIB orientifolds

10/09/07, D.Kreimer, Renormalization revisited: from periods and motives to non-perturbative physics

Spring 2007

02/01/07, M.Rocek, Instantons and SL(2,Z) duality in Type IIB Compactifications

02/06/07, A.Kashani-Poor, The wave function behavior of the open topological string partition function on the conifold

02/13/07, M.Voloshin, Spontaneous and induced decay of false vacuum

02/27/07, A.Polyakov, Gauge/Strings at Large Curvatures and Related Problems

03/06/07, I.Klebanov, From Weak to Strong Coupling in N=4 SYM Theory

03/13/07, M.Dine, Metastability

03/20/07, I.Stewart, The Theory of Jets Initiated by Massive Unstable Particles: Top-Massive Determination

03/27/07, D.Kutasov, Supersymmetry and gauge symmetry breaking from intersecting branes

04/03/07, F.Petriello, Recent advances in perturbative QCD and LHC physics

04/10/07, S.Sachdev, Quantum Critical Transport, Duality, and M Theory

04/10/07, N.Nekrasov, N-2 Super-Yang-Mills and Statistical Models in 1,2,3 (and 4?) Dimensions

04/17/07, G.Shiu, Cosmology and Particle Physics with Warped Throats

04/24/07, J.Conlon, Hierarchy Problems in String Theory - The Power of Large Volume

05/01/07, E.Akhmedov, Exponent of Cubic Matrices and Non-Abelian Tensor Fields

05/08/07, J.Teschner, Warm-up for noncompact sigma models: The Sinh-Gordon model

05/09/07, C.Hull, Geometry, duality and non-geometric string backgrounds

Fall 2006

09/19/06, N.Arkani-Hamed, Locality, Cosmology and the Landscape

09/26/06, M.Huang, Seiberg-Witten theory, instanton counting, modular foms

10/03/06, H.Liu, The arrow of time, black holes and quantum mixing of large N Yang-Mills theories

10/31/06, J.Maldacena, Comments on the worldsheet S-matrix for string threory

11/07/06, D.Shih, Meta-stable Vacua in SQCD and MQCD

11/14/06, R.Velandro, Warped Models in String Theory

12/05/06, O.Aharony, A holographic model of deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration

12/12/06, L.Wang, Top Final States and New Physics

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