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2000-01 Handbook for Physics and Astronomy Graduate Students

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Current Employment of Recent Ph.D. Recipients

1993 Ph.D.         Thesis adviser     Current position                        Thesis Title

Georgios Bathas    H. Neuberger       Univ. of Athens, Greece post-doctoral   Non-perturbative methods in elementary         
                                                                              particle physics                               

Mesut Cakir        G. Farrar          Virginia Polytech post-doctoral         A search for light gluinos and heavy quark     
                                                                              effective field the ory and B-physics with     
                                                                              applications to the collider detector  at      

Jie Chen           M. Croft           Brookhaven National Lab.                Transition metal interactions as probed by     
                                      post-doctoral                           x-ray absorption spectroscopy                  

Lorenzo Farris     J. Cizewski        Peripheral Devices Corporation          Gamma-ray spectroscopy of 174Hf at low         
                                      Livermore, CA                           angular  momentum                              

Karl Garrison      R. Bartynski       Arete Company, Los Angeles Staff        Electronic properties of GaAs surfaces as      
                                      Scientist                               characterized by  inverse photoemission and    
                                                                              Auger photoelectron coincidence spectroscopy   

Ning Lei           M. Croft           James Franck Institute, University of   Synchrotron x-ray scattering studies on the    
                                      Chicago post-doctoral                   interaction and  undulation of very flexible   
                                                                              surfactant fluid membranes                     

Martin O'Loughlin  T. Banks           Enrico Fermi Institute, University of   Hawking evaporation and quantum gravity in     
                                      Chicago post-doctoral                   two  dimensions                                

Jianmei Pan        T. Madey           Rockwell International Research Labs,   The Titanium dioxide (110) surface:            
                                      Thousand Oaks, CA Staff Scientist       structure, reactivity,  metal/oxide            

Hongxiao Shao      D. Langreth        Hewlett Packard Staff Member            The effect of large intra-atomic correlation   
                                                                              on charge transfer dynamics in atom-surface    

Jon Vinson         S. Schnetzer       Daiwa Securities, Jersey City, NJ       A search of iso-singlet heavy quarks in e+e-   
                                      Staff Member                            annihilation                                   

Zhizhong Zhang     J. Sak             Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers         Renormalization group and interacting          
                                      graduate student                        electron systems                               

Jin-Bao Zhou       T. Gustafsson      South Plainfield, NJ Software           Structure and metal overlayer growth on        
                                      developer                               oxide surfaces                                 

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