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Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

Department of Physics and Astronomy in Piscataway, New Jersey

Welcome to the website of the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) of the Department of Physics and Astronomy! We organize events to support the graduate students of the department and represent them at the Rutgers Graduate Student Association (GSA). Here is some general information about the GSO, along with resources for prospective, new, and current students. Please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers with questions!

2016-2017 Officers:

President: Ethan Cline (
Vice-President: Nikhil Tilak (
Treasurer: Elaad Applebaum (
Graduate Student Life Committee: Daniel Brennan ( and Anna Wright (
Faculty liaison: Prof. John Paul Chou (

Information for prospective and new students:

Directions to Rutgers
Orientation flyer: administrative checklist
Orientation flyer: academics
Orientation flyer: student life
"Starting Over" survey

Open house flyer: student life ( PDF )
Open house flyer: international student issues ( ODT )

Information for current students:

Our GSO constitution
Homepage of the GSA
GSA Wiki (guide to student life)
Rutgers Center for International Students
Guide on how to graduate
Student Seminars in Physics and Astronomy @ Rutgers (SSPAR)
Developing Educational Leaders among TAs in Physics (DELTA P -- the TA training program)

For comments regarding this website send email to the GSO webmaster