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A calendar of class dates.
A&M chapters for OUT-OF-CLASS studies. The sections labeled as prerequisite are REQUIRED reading!

Some good condensed matter texts beyond A&M.

Basic Aspects of Quantum Theory of Solids

The Physics of Solids

Cohen and Louie,
Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics

Duan Feng and Guojun Jin
Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics: Volume 1

Economou, The physics of Solids

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  1. Course outline. This is a rough guide to what we will learn during this fall semester

  2. A list of possible topics to select from. Topics for in-class presentations (10+5 minutes max)

  3. Collected in class presentations.

  4. What  is condensed matter? What is order and symmetry? / pdf file/

  5. Lecture 1 – Introduction to density matrix formalism and Landau theory of  phase transitions. / pdf file/

  6. Can you explain those strange curves ? If not move to Lecture 2./experimental data for phase transitions/

  7. Lecture 2 – 1st  and 2d order phase transitions. UPDATED! / pdf file/

  8. Lecture 3 – Examples of phase transitions, Ferroelectrics etc. UPDATED! / pdf file/

  9. Landau Lifshitz v5 – Landau Lifshitz Stat. Mech. All possible formats including PDF - FREE!

  10. MOVIE: Supercooled liquid !

  11. MOVIE: More about supercooled liquid.

  12. How to photograph a 1st order phase transition ?

  13. MOVIE: What is Bose-Einstein condensation ? Ultra-cold cold atoms !

  14. MOVIE: superfluid He4 as seen 10000 years ago.

  15. Lecture 4 – Ginzburg-Landau theory / pdf file/

  16. Lecture 5 – Fluctuations in 2d order phase transitions. Apology for typos!/pdf file/

  17. How can we measure (spin) fluctuations? Lecture notes. /pdf file/

  18. What is a goldstone mode ? /pdf file/

  19. Drude model expt. data. /pptx file/

  20. A geometrical interpretation of the electronic structure of metals by Lifshits and Kaganov. Great review! /pdf file/

  21. What is electronic structure? A short overview. Can be checked further down the class. /pdf file/

  22. Lecture 6 - Drude model./ pdf file/

  23. Units related to light. /pdf file/

  24. Lecture 7 - More Drude model./ pdf file/

  25. Plasmonics in action image1 file

  26. and image2 file (images courtesy of R. Averitt, UCSD)
  27. The Lycurgus Cup - / the oldest known plasmonic device! /

  28. Lecture 8 - The Sommerfeld model of metals./ pdf file/

  29. The Sommerfeld model of metals vs. Experiment./ image file/

  30. VESTA software to visualize structures and much more. FREE! /Download file here/

  31. Ioffe Rogel limit / pdf file/

  32. CIF files for VESTA/ ZIP file/

  33. A summary of lattices. / pdf file/

  34. VESTA file for SrTiO3 / vesta file/

  35. Lecture 9 - Unit cell, planes and all that crystallography items. / pdf file/

  36. Simmulation - 14 types of Bravois lattice in 3D / Mathematica file/

  37. Lecture 10 - Reciprocal and direct lattice / pdf file/

  38. How to label high symmetry points in the BZ? / Wikipedia link/

  39. Lecture 11 - Diffraction and crystal structure / pdf file/

  40. Lecture 12 - Nearly free electrons model / pdf file/

  41. Lecture 13 - LCAO or Tight binding model / pdf file/

  42. Lecture 14 - Tight binding illusrated / pdf file/

  43. Lecture 15 - Phonons / pdf file/

  44. Phonon modes in 2D - /Mathematica file/

  45. Phonon modes in 1D - /Youtube file/