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Developing Educational Leaders among TAs in Physics (DELTA-P)
Seminar Calendar
Fall 2021

DELTA-P seminars will be held via Zoom link Thursdays from 5:00-6:00pm. Those who attend 8 out of 10 seminars will receive a Certificate of Training in Physics Education. If we hold fewer than 10 sessions, we will try to reasonably maintain the ratio for attendance. The seminar series is organized by Chaz Ruggieri.

Week 1 Sep 9 Introduction: TA Expectations and Day 1 Guidance
Chaz Ruggieri

Task: Read Characteristics of an Effective Teacher

Week 2 Sep 16
Discourse and Effective Questioning in your TA Role
Chaz Ruggieri

Week 3 Sep 23
Cooperative Learning and Trust
Chaz Ruggieri

Week 4 Sep 30
Pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in Physics and anticipating student struggles
Chaz Ruggieri

Week 5 Oct 7
Problem solving strategies in Physics

Tsung-Chi Wu and Chaz Ruggieri

Week 6 Oct 14

Instructional Explanations in Physics
Chaz Ruggieri

Week 7 Oct 21

Understanding Students' Motivation

Michael Terilli and Chaz Ruggieri

Week 8 Oct 28

Title: How to Best Support your Students with Autism

Presented By: Giulietta Flaherty
College Support Program
Rutgers Center for Adult Autism Services

Description: This seminar will help graduate student TAs understand what autism is, learn strategies to best help support students with autism, and celebrate the diversity of students at Rutgers.

Week 9 Nov 4

Career Paths of Physics Graduates

Shafayat Hossain

Princeton University, Department of Physics

Week 10 Nov 11

DELTA-P Take-Aways, Reflections, and Survey


Previous DELTA-P seminar series: Information for students with disabilities is here. (Please contact the organizers if there are any ways we can make it easier for you to participate.)
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