What does the Large Hadron Collider say about the neutrino mass?


Sunil Somalwar (Rutgers)


  Abstract:  By colliding ultra-energetic protons, the LHC recreates fiery                                                                                       
conditions which existed a mere 10-100 picoseconds after the big bang. This                                                                                  
hot universe looked very different from ours, and understanding it should                                                                                    
answer outstanding fundamental questions of today such as how did the                                                                                        
antimatter disappear, why is the Higgs boson so light, are there other Higgs                                                                                 
bosons, why the neutrinos are almost massless, and so on. I will discuss                                                                                     
very rare LHC events which contain multiple electrons and muons.  A thorough                                                                                 
analysis of such multi-lepton events could reveal new physical phenomena and                                                                                  
shed light on the early universe.