Papers Appearing in 2003

Journal Articles

HUGHES, J. P., GHAVAMIAN, P., RAKOWSKI, C. E., and Slane, P. O., 2003, "Iron-rich Ejecta in the Supernova Remnant DEM L71" 2003ApJ...582L..95H

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Lewis, K. T., Burrows, D. N., HUGHES, J. P., Slane, P. O., Garmire, G. P., and Nousek, J. A., 2003, "The Radial Structure of Supernova Remnant N103B" 2003ApJ...582..770L

WARREN, J. S., HUGHES, J. P., and Slane, P. O., 2003, "Revealing New Physical Structures in the Supernova Remnant N63A through Chandra Imaging Spectroscopy" 2003ApJ...583..260W

Raymond, J. C., GHAVAMIAN, P., Sankrit, R., Blair, W. P., and Curiel, S., 2003, "Far-Ultraviolet Spectra of a Nonradiative Shock Wave in the Cygnus Loop" 2003ApJ...584..770R

Park, S., Burrows, D. N., Garmire, G. P., Nousek, J. A., HUGHES, J. P., and Williams, R. M., 2003, "X-Ray Emission from Multiphase Shock in the Large Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnant N49" 2003ApJ...586..210P

MOLNAR, S. M. and Birkinshaw, M., 2003, "Determining Tangential Peculiar Velocities of Clusters of Galaxies Using Gravitational Lensing" 2003ApJ...586..731M

Nagai, D., Kravtsov, A. V., and KOSOWSKY, A., 2003, "Effect of Internal Flows on Sunyaev-Zeldovich Measurements of Cluster Peculiar Velocities" 2003ApJ...587..524N

SELLWOOD, J. A., 2003, "Bars and Dark Matter Halo Cores" 2003ApJ...587..638S

GHAVAMIAN, P., RAKOWSKI, C. E., HUGHES, J. P., and WILLIAMS, T. B., 2003, "The Physics of Supernova Blast Waves. I. Kinematics of DEM L71 in the Large Magellanic Cloud" 2003ApJ...590..833G

RAKOWSKI, C. E., GHAVAMIAN, P., and HUGHES, J. P., 2003, "The Physics of Supernova Remnant Blast Waves. II. Electron-Ion Equilibration in DEM L71 in the Large Magellanic Cloud" 2003ApJ...590..846R

CÔTÉ, P., McLaughlin, D. E., Cohen, J. G., and Blakeslee, J. P., 2003, "Dynamics of the Globular Cluster System Associated with M49 (NGC 4472): Cluster Orbital Properties and the Distribution of Dark Matter" 2003ApJ...591..850C

Cohen, J. G., Blakeslee, J. P., and CÔTÉ, P., 2003, "The Ages and Abundances of a Sample of Globular Clusters in M49 (NGC 4472)" 2003ApJ...592..866C

MILOSAVLJEVIC, M. and MERRITT, D., 2003, "Long-Term Evolution of Massive Black Hole Binaries" 2003ApJ...596..860M

Donahue, M., Gaskin, J. A., Patel, S. K., Joy, M., Clowe, D., and HUGHES, J. P., 2003, "The Mass, Baryonic Fraction, and X-Ray Temperature of the Luminous, High-Redshift Cluster of Galaxies MS 0451.6-0305" 2003ApJ...598..190D

FERRARESE, L., CÔTÉ, P., and JORDÁN, A., 2003, "Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Novae in M49" 2003ApJ...599.1302F

BARNES, E. I. and SELLWOOD, J. A., 2003, "Uncertainties in Spiral Galaxy Projection Parameters" 2003AJ....125.1164B

JORDÁN, A., West, M. J., CÔTÉ, P., and Marzke, R. O., 2003, "A Point-Source Excess in Abell 1185: Intergalactic Globular Clusters?" 2003AJ....125.1642J

Tripp, T. M., Wakker, B. P., Jenkins, E. B., Bowers, C. W., Danks, A. C., Green, R. F., Heap, S. R., JOSEPH, C. L., Kaiser, M. E., Linsky, J. L., and Woodgate, B. E., 2003, "Complex C: A Low-Metallicity, High-Velocity Cloud Plunging into the Milky Way" 2003AJ....125.3122T

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PIATEK, S., PRYOR, C., Olszewski, E. W., Harris, H. C., Mateo, M., Minniti, D., and Tinney, C. G., 2003, "Proper Motions of Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope Imaging. II. Measurement for Carina" 2003AJ....126.2346P

HEMSENDORF, M., 2003, "How black holes turn cusps into cores" 2003Ap&SS.284..561H

DORBAND, E. N., HEMSENDORF, M., and MERRITT, D., 2003, "Systolic and hyper-systolic algorithms for the gravitational N-body problem, with an application to Brownian motion" 2003JCoPh.185..484D

JIMENEZ, R., VERDE, L., and Oh, S. P., 2003, "Dark halo properties from rotation curves" 2003MNRAS.339..243J

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FERRARESE, L., 2003, "Astronomy: Feeding the first quasars" 2003Natur.421..329F

KOSOWSKY, A., 2003, "The Atacama Cosmology Telescope" 2003NewAR..47..939K

Conference Articles

Spurzem, R., HEMSENDORF, M., Sigurdsson, S., Benacquista, M., and Makino, J., 2003, "Collisional Dynamics of Binary Black Holes in Galactic Centres" 2003AIPC..686..235S

Milosavljevic, M. and MERRITT, D., 2003, "The Final Parsec Problem" 2003AIPC..686..201M

KOSOWSKY, A., 2003, "The Future of Microwave Background Physics" 2003AIPC..666..325K

KOSOWSKY, A., 2003, "Galaxy Cluster Signals in the Microwave Background" 2003APS..APR.C9015K

MERRITT, D., 2003, "Dark mater spikes and indirect detection" 2003idm..conf...96M

HEMSENDORF, M., DORBAND, N., and MERRITT, D., 2003, "Dynamics of supermassive black holes" 2003IAUS..208..405H

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CÔTÉ, P., 2003, "The Formation of Globular Cluster Systems" 2003ASPC..296..457C

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PRYOR, C. and XIE, B., 2003, "Radial Velocities of Globular Cluster Stars" 2003ASPC..296..117P

Gerssen, J., van der Marel, R. P., Gebhardt, K., Guhathakurta, P., Peterson, R. C., and PRYOR, C., 2003, "An HST Study of the Central Kinematics of M15" 2003ASPC..296...93G

FERRARESE, L., 2003, "Supermassive Black Hole Research in the Post-HST Era" 2003ASPC..291..196F

NISHIKAWA, K.-I., Richardson, G., Preece, R., Fishiman, G. J., Koide, S., Shibata, K., Kudoh, T., Sol, H., Li, L. X., Hughes, J. P., Hardee, P., and Blandford, R., 2003, "3-D GRMHD Simulations of Generating Jets" 2003ASPC..290..353N

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Park, S., Burrows, D. N., Nousek, J. A., Garmire, G. P., HUGHES, J. P., and Slane, P. O., 2003, "The Chandra Observation of Supernova Remnant 0103-72.6 in the Small Magellanic Cloud." 2003AAS...202.1305P

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Lazendic, J., Slane, P., Chen, Y., HUGHES, J. P., Burrows, D., and Nousek, J., 2003, "Bright X-ray emission from supernova remnant G349.7+0.2 interacting with a molecular cloud" 2003HEAD....7.1015L

NISHIKAWA, K.-I., Hardee, P., Preece, R., Richardson, G., and Fishman, G., 2003, "Particle acceleration in relativistic jets" 2003HEAD....7.0905N

GHAVAMIAN, P., Sankrit, R., and Blair, W. P., 2003, "First Detection of Ultraviolet Emission from Four Balmer-Dominated LMC SNRs with FUSE" 2003AAS...203.3913G

Blair, W. P., Sankrit, R., GHAVAMIAN, P., Raymond, J. C., and Morse, J. A., 2003, "FUSE Observations of Oxygen-rich Ejecta in Puppis A" 2003AAS...203.3912B

SLUIS, A. P. N. and WILLIAMS, T. B., 2003, "Planetary Nebulae and the Dynamics of Early-Type Galaxies" 2003AAS...203.3205S