Rutgers Astrophysics Publications

(A partial list of published papers, listed by year of publication: more recent papers, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991, 1990, 1989.)

Papers appearing in 1998

209. DEBATTISTA, V. P. & SELLWOOD, J. A. 1998,
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Papers appearing in 1997

197. Banas, K R, HUGHES, J P, Bronfman, L & Nyman L-A 1997,
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"The Bar-Halo Interaction in SB Galaxies". In "Dark and Luminous Matter in Galaxies" eds Persic & Salucci

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Papers appearing in 1996

203. Cote, P, PRYOR, C, McClure, R D, Fletcher, J M & Hesser, J E 1996,
"Spectroscopic Binaries In Globular Clusters. II. A Search for Long-Period Binaries in M22." AJ v112, 574

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Papers appearing in 1995

200. Armandroff, T E, Olszewski, E W & PRYOR, C 1995,
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Papers appearing in 1994

142. GEBHARDT, K., PRYOR, C., WILLIAMS, T. B. & Hesser, J. E. 1994,
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Papers appearing in 1993

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Papers appearing in 1992

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Papers appearing in 1991

126. Gerhard, O. E. & SAHA, P. 1991,
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Papers appearing in 1990

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Papers appearing in 1989

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