Hey! You've found Aaron!

I am a trainee astronomer at Rutgers University

I am a second-year graduate student currently pursuing my Ph.D. degree in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. I am currently working with Prof. Rachel Somerville on understanding the feedback effects of cosmic reionization on early star-forming galaxies.


Under the semi-analytic modeling framework developed by my advisor, I investigate the formation of galaxies at high redshifts (z ~ 4 - 15) and the statistical distributions of their physical properties. With the galaxies predicted by our models, I also model cosmic reionization under the influence of these galaxies. Stay tuned for our latest results!


Current Semester

I am currently taking a break from teaching! ;-)

Past Semesters

Physics 327: Modern Instrumentation - Spring 2016
Physics 275: Classical Physics Lab - Fall 2015
Physics 230: Analytical Physics II Lab - Spring 2015
Physics 227: Analytical Physics II - Fall 2014


President, Graduate Student Organization (GSO) for Physics and Astronomy, 2015-2016


Ph.D. Physics, Rutgers University, expected 2019
B.S. Physics and Mathematics, University of San Francisco, 2014

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Contact Me

You may reach me at: yung AT physics.rutgers.edu

My current temporal coordinates:
Spring 2017 Office Hour: By Appointment

My current spatial coordinates:
Serin Physics Building, Room 331
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
136 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Hong Kong! In 2007, I moved to Hawaii with my family and completed high school in 2009. After brief attendance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I moved to California and obtained my bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from the University of San Francisco. Immediately after that, I moved to New Jersey for graduate study in Astrophysics.

Use of Name

In my pre-2016 career, I was referred to as Long Yan Yung, which is a direct phonetic translation of my name under the scheme established during the British-Hong Kong time. Although my name has a Chinese origin, it follows neither of the more popular Chinese nor Taiwanese pronunciation schemes. In order to elimintate confusion in pronunciation, I have decided to initialize that to L.Y. and go by Aaron as it is always part of my name.