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a trainee astronomer at Rutgers / CCA

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in physics in the Department of Physics and Astronomy under the supervision of Prof. Rachel Somerville. My main interest lies in model galaxy formation and evolution at ultrahigh redshifts. You can also learn more about me from my latest interview!


[Highlight] - UV luminosity functions released with Paper I are available!
[Highlight] - M* / SMF functions released with Paper II are available!

[1/21-25] - The Growth of Galaxies in the Early Universe – V @ Sexten, Italy - click here -- slides
[2/11-15] - Visiting STScI - Galaxy Journal Club - click here -- slides

More on the way!

[link] Semi-Analytic Forecasts Data Products release through the Flatiron Institute
[link] CCA-STScI Epoch of Reionization & Early Galaxy Evolution with JWST Workshop


I use the well-established Santa Cruz semi-analytic model (SAM) to study the formation and evolution of galaxies at ultrahigh redshifts (up to z ~ 15!). Currently, I am using the SAM to make predictions for the long-anticipated JWST telescope. Taking advantage of the model's efficiency, I also study the impact of uncertainties in the current galaxy formation model by systematically varying subgrid physical parameters. WIth these galaxies predicted by our physically motivate models, I study their impact on cosmic reionization.


Ph.D. Physics, Rutgers University, expected 2020
B.S. Physics and Mathematics, University of San Francisco, 2014

Click here for a copy of my current CV


[ SAM JWST Paper I ] Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - I. UV luminosity functions at z = 4 -10
-- Paper I data release --

[ SAM JWST Paper II ] Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - II. physical properties and scaling relations for galaxies at z = 4 - 10
-- Paper II data release --

[ SAM JWST Paper III ] Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - III. implications on cosmic reionization and UV escape fraction at z = 4 - 10
-- In Prep | Coming This Fall! --

[ SAM JWST Paper IV ] Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST - IV. Yes there is a fourth paper planned stay tuned!
-- In Prep | Coming Next Spring! --

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Also see the following Co-Author Publications
Jones et al. 2018, Stevans et al. 2018


***New*** [Jan 2019] The Growth of Galaxies in the Early Universe – V : Something about Semi-Analytic Forecasts - click here

***New*** [Nov 2018] Univ. of San Fran. Physics Colloquium : Modeling galaxy formation in the Epoch of Reionization and making forecasts for JWST observations - click here

[Aug 2018] Workshop on WFIRST/LSST Deep Fields : semi-analytic forecasts: joint constraints from wide and deep surveys - click here

[Jul 2018] ESA/ESTEC jwst/euclid synergy: Semi-analytic forecast: uncovering galaxy formation with joint constraints from wide and deep surveys - click here

[Feb 2018] Aspen Winter Conference: Galaxy Formation in the Epoch of Reionization: Semi-Analytic Model Predictions for JWST Observations - click here

[Oct 2017] MPIA Galaxy Coffee: Galaxy Formation at Extreme Redshifts: Semi-analytic Model Predictions and Implication on Cosmic Reionization

[Jun 2017] Galaxy Evolution Across Time: Galaxy Formation at Extreme Redshifts: Semi-analytic Model Predictions and Challenges for Observations

[Jun 2016] 32nd IAP Colloquium: UV Luminosity Functions at z > 6 predicted by SAMs


[Jul 2018] The Physics of Galaxy Scaling Relations: Evolution of physical properties & scaling relations for high-redshift galaxies - click here

[Jun 2018] Rise and shine: galaxies in the epoch of reionization: Semi-analytic forecasts for JWST Trilogy - click here


President, Graduate Student Organization (GSO) for Physics and Astronomy, 2015-2016

President, Astronomy Club at University of San Francisco, 2014-2015
Vice President, Astronomy Club at University of San Francisco, 2013-2014


Current Semester

I am currently taking a break from teaching! ;-)

Past Semesters

Physics 607: Galaxies and Galaxy Dynamics - Spring 2018
Physics 327: Modern Instrumentation - Spring 2016
Physics 275: Classical Physics Lab - Fall 2015
Physics 230: Analytical Physics II Lab - Spring 2015
Physics 227: Analytical Physics II - Fall 2014

Contact Me

You may reach me at: yung AT physics.rutgers.edu

My current office hours:
Flatiron: Mon - Fri
Rutgers: By Appointment

Office Locations:
162 5th Ave
Center for Computational Astrophysics
Flatiron Institute
New York, NY 10010
Serin Physics Building, Room 331
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
136 Frelinghuysen Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Hong Kong! In 2007, I moved to Hawaii with my family and completed high school in 2009. After brief attendance at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, I moved to California and obtained my bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics from the University of San Francisco. Immediately after that, I moved to New Jersey for graduate study in Astrophysics.

Use of Name

In my pre-2016 career, I went by "Long Yan Yung", which is a direct phonetic translation of my name 容朗殷 under a scheme established during the British Colonial Hong Kong time. Although my name has its Chinese origin, it follows neither the more popular pronunciation schemes established by the Chinese or the Taiwanese. In order to elimintate pronounciation confusion, I have initialized "Long Yan" to L.Y. and go by Aaron, as it is always part of my name.