Research Interests

I am generally interested in topics from high energy and mathematical physics, especially pertaining to brane constructions, topology, and geometry. These especially relate to supersymmetric field theories and their non-perturbative phenomena.

N=2 Supersymmetric Field Theories

Supersymmetry is a powerful tool that allows us to study the mysterious properties of quantum physics. Our current understand of quantum physics primarily relies on the existence of a perturbative expansion around a conformal theory with a classical description. In other words, we only understand quantum physics which is "almost classical". This leaves us blind to many quantum effects which rely on strong coupling - such as confinement - and other non-perturbative effects - such as the effect of instantons and monopoles. Supersymmetry gives us many robust tools for studying quantum theories beyond perturbation theory. These tools include ways to compute supersymmetric quantities to all orders, a collection of stable states that give quantum order parameters which can be used to study the phase structure of theories, dualities which allow us to reexpress theories without a perturbative expansion in terms of one which does, and many others. My research focuses on exploiting these different tools to study quantum phenomena which cannot be understood perturbatively.