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Professor Matt Strassler
Theoretical High-Energy Physicist
Rutgers University

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Science, which fuels our technological economy, and has a strong influence on our contemporary culture, is paid for in part with public dollars. But non-scientists often tell me they are mystified and unsettled by science -- they feel they don't understand what science really is, how it's done, what it means, and what it doesn't mean. This seems neither healthy, nor fair -- why shouldn't taxpayers know a lot more about their investment, and, meanwhile, share in the pleasures and excitement of discovery?  In my public talks, I address a wide range of the subtle and important questions that concern the content and societal implications of science, in a way that aims to be accessible to the intelligent non-expert, remain intellectually honest, avoid sensationalism, and take seriously public concerns about science.  I try also to convey the strengths of the scientific approach to understanding nature, and the joys that arise from carefully studying the world around us.

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    A Ring of Truth:                                                   

           Seeking Answers to Big Questions at the Large Hadron Collider

                Wednesday March 16th, 8pm   The Secret Science Club, at the Bell House in Brooklyn, New York

    Are you a non-scientist, or a scientist in another field, interested in getting the real story behind that big new particle accelerator you keep reading about in the newspaper, or hearing about on the radio?  Why was it built, what is it supposed to do, and why should any non-experts care?  Well, here's your chance to hear that story from an expert who avoids the hype, tells it straight, and has experience communicating challenging ideas to those with little or no background in the subject.  In this talk I'm going to outline a couple of the decades-old questions that dominate particle physics right now, and explain why the Large Hadron Collider is the right experimental facility in which to address them.  Afterward you get to ask me some questions, too.  So come on out to Brooklyn!

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Matt Strassler

February 25, 2011