A Code for Modeling Asymmetries in Disk Galaxies


DiskFit is a code for modelling asymmetries in either photometry (fitting images) or kinematics (fitting velocity fields) of disk galaxies. For velocity field fits, DiskFit is an extension of Velfit 2.0, first presented in Spekkens & Sellwood (2007), and improved in Sellwood & Sanchez (2010). For images, DiskFit is an extension of the algorirthm presented by Reese et al. (2007). Both the photometric and kinematic branches of DiskFit employ the same basic minimization technique, originally described by Barnes & Sellwood (2003). To download the DiskFit executable, click on the link appropriate for your architecture from the table below (Mac users: you want "Darwin"). To download example files as well as the source code, click on the link in that same table. The examples and sourc code are bundled as a tarball. To extract them, type:

    gunzip diskfit1_0source.tar.gz

    tar xvf diskfit1_0source.tar

The package contains an executable, DiskFit, directories containing example data, and a directory containing some source code.

Disclaimer: We have tested DiskFit on several real and mock disk galaxies, and we believe that it works. However, we make no guarantee of its accuracy. Users are encouraged to test it for themselves and to examine outputs carefully. We would appreciate feedback about your experience using DiskFit.


Version Date Executable Source + Examples Documentation Comments
1.0 July 2012 Darwin
Linux (64-bit)
Source User's manual (pdf) Version 1.0



The sources of documentation for DiskFit are the original papers (Spekkens & Sellwood 2007, Sellwood & Sanchez 2010 for kinematic fits, and Reese et al. (2007) for photometric fits), and the user's manual. The manual instructions assume that you have read the papers and are familiar with their notation.


Please cite the relevant papers if you use DiskFit in your research.


We are happy to answer questions about the code, and we welcome comments and suggestions. Please send an email to Kristine.Spekkens@rmc.ca.


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