Rutgers Physics 418 Nuclei & Particles (Somalwar)

Homework 3 - Due October 6,2017

Das & Ferbel refers to the textbook Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd Edition, by A. Das and T. Ferbel

Special topic: None
Entire Chapter 5: Read the topics not covered in class on your own.

1) Das & Ferbel, Problem 5.3. (If you don't have a semilog graph paper, use google or click here to get one.)

2) Das & Ferbel, Problem 5.4.

3) Das & Ferbel, Problem 5.5.

4) Das & Ferbel, Problem 5.9.

5) Das & Ferbel, Problem 5.11. Use equations 5.31 with λ3 = 0. Try solutions which are the sums of constants times decreasing exponentials and possibly a constant, and check that the differential equations and the initial conditions are satisfied. Also check that your solutions have reasonable behavior for very large times.