Rutgers Physics 418 Nuclei & Particles (Somalwar)

Homework 2 - Due September 29, 2017

Das & Ferbel refers to the textbook Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd Edition, by A. Das and T. Ferbel

Special topic: Mossbauer Effect: (To be) covered in class.
Entire Chapter 4: Read the couple of topics not covered in class on your own. They will be covered later.

1) Das & Ferbel, Problem 4.2. (Review impact parameter etc from Ch.1. In particular, note that the impact parameter is NOT the distance of closest approach. Drawing a diagram might help.)

2) Das & Ferbel, Problem 4.3. (Don't go crazy deriving general purpose formulae, but think about the relative masses of the three objects and which quantities are important and which can be ignored. Also think about the extreme cases. For the max proton energy, think of the electron and neutrino as a combined system and figure out when it will carry the least energy. Always go back and check your assumptions, of course. Answers: proton: 0.752KeV, electron/neutrino: 782KeV.)

3) Das & Ferbel, Problem 4.6.

4) Das & Ferbel, Problem 4.7. [There could be a typo in your copy of the text. The coefficient should be 0.015, not 0.008. Also, you might want to quickly read up the section on fission from Chapter 5, specifically, equation 5.8]