Rutgers Physics 418 Nuclei & Particles (Somalwar)

Homework 1 - Due Friday September 22, 2017 in class

Das & Ferbel refers to the textbook Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, 2nd Edition, by A. Das and T. Ferbel

Deuteron: Covered in lectures
Entire Chapter 2: Mostly covered in class. Read sections 2.2.6 and 2.3 on your own.
Chapter 3: Read sections 3.1 and 3.2 on your own. Section 3.4 covered in class. Skip 3.4.2.

1) Das & Ferbel, Problem 2.1. Also estimate the radius of a neutron star with a mass twice that of our sun and compare with the radius of the earth.

2) Das & Ferbel, Problem 2.2.

3) Das & Ferbel, Problem 2.9. Comment on how the results here would suggest which materials one should consider for the "moderator" used to slow neutrons in nuclear fission reactors. ( There are also other considerations: see Chapt. 5, p. 114.)

4) Das & Ferbel, Problem 3.2. You may find it more convenient to go to the on-line site Chart of nuclides ( instead of the Handbook. Click on any region of the chart to get a magnified view of that region, then click on any nuclide to get information about it, including its atomic mass and binding energy.

5) Das & Ferbel, Problem 3.3. Additional hint: the alpha particle is particularly strongly bound.

6) Das & Ferbel, Problem 3.5. (Don't expect too much agreement.) Additional hints: The Chart of Nuclides website above might be more convenient than the CRC. Use fig 3.4 from the text. Read up on parity, but simply put, an even(odd) orbital angular momentum (l) state has positive (negative) parity.