Rutgers Physics 417 (Intermediate QM) Spring 2018

Instructor: Sunil Somalwar

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  • Sample Exams

    Disclaimer: Exam syllabi and formats can evolve from year to year, so do not take these practice exams to be the canon.
  • Sample Class Exam.......... Sample Class Exam Solutions
  • Sample Final Exam............ Sample Final Exam Solutions

    Exam Schedule

    Class Exam: Monday 5th March during class
    Final Exam: Tuesday 8th May noon-3pm (Usual classroom)
    In case of an exam schedule conflict with another course, please talk to the professor with bigger class first. Ours is a relatively small class and there is no planned makeup exam.

    Homeworks, Exams, and solutions

  • Homeworks will be collected in class on the due date. If you miss the class, you can email it to me (see below) or slide it under my office door asap. Homework will NOT be accepted under any circumstances after the solutions have been posted. One homework with lowest score will be dropped at the end of the semester. You will need a documented excuse for me to drop more than one homework for you.
  • Emailed homework is ok, but NO huge attachments such as high-res pictures taken with your phone camera. Convert to pdf, adjust scanning parameters, and/or compress files so that the total homework size is not huge. Emailed homework will be graded but NOT printed and) returned.
  • There will be a grader for your homeworks. If you have any questions about your graded homework, please return it to me with a clear note on it and I will get an explanation/adjustment from the grader. Please monitor your homework grades and alert me immediately if you dont see score for a homework that has been returned (in class).
  • I try to post homeworks substantially ahead of the due date. Please make sure that you turn in the correct homework!

  • Homework No 1.... Homework No 1 Solutions
  • Homework No 2.... Homework No 2 Solutions
  • Homework No 3.... Homework No 3 Solutions
  • Homework No 4.... Homework No 4 Solutions
  • Homework No 5.... Homework No 5 Solutions

  • Class Exam syllabus: Upto and including homework 5, i.e. Chapters 1,2, and 3.
  • For exams, you are allowed ONE ONE-SIDED sheet with ONLY formulae which you are required to submit with the exam (inside the blue book).
  • Class Exam......... Class Exam Solutions. (Average 71% = 21.2/30)
  • Homework No 6.... Homework No 6 Solutions
  • Homework No 7.... Homework No 7 Solutions
  • Homework No 8.... Homework No 8 Solutions
  • Homework No 9.... Homework No 9 Solutions
  • Homework No 10..... Homework No 10 Solutions
  • Homework No 11..... Homework No 11 Solutions

  • For the final exam, you are allowed ONE ONE-SIDED sheet with ONLY formulae which you are required to submit with the exam (inside the blue book). The exam will be cumulative in that there will be no direct questions on material covered by the class exam, but there will be problems on new material involving basic topics such as harmonic oscillator, potential wells, delta functions, etc, which are the bread and butter examples of solvable QM problems.
  • Final Exam............ Final Exam Solutions

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