Putting math on the Web, in (La)TeX

Joel A. Shapiro, based on a file prepared by John Doroshenko

Many of us make web pages and need to incorporate mathematical expressions. There is now a package available (on the Physics web server) which allows us to post pages that have included math using familiar tex expressions, as for example \int_0^\infty t^{z-1} e^{-t}\,dt = \Gamma(z). You can also make more complex, displayed equations.

This package is called jsMath. You can read about it from its home page at http://www.math.union.edu/~dpvc/jsmath/

The page so made can be read with any current browser (I am told) and looks quite reasonable. It may look better if the reader has tex/latex fonts properly installed, but it looks okay even if they don't.

Of course many of us have been posting (La)TeX math by making a pdf file and posting that. The advantage of jsMath is that you can use the features available in HTML, in particular links and easy editability.

If you want to try it out, copy this file and delete everything except the first 22 lines and the last 10 lines, and put your stuff in the middle.

Thanks to John Doroshenko for installing this on the web server, and for finding the examples below.

Another jsMath Example:

\int^1_\kappa \left[\bigl(1-w^2\bigr)\bigl(\kappa^2-w^2\bigr)\right]^{-1/2} dw = \frac{4}{\left(1+\sqrt{\kappa}\,\right)^2} K \left(\left(\frac{1-\sqrt{\kappa}}{1+\sqrt{\kappa}}\right)^{\!\!2}\right)

And here is another simple example

You can put the equation here f(x) = \sqrt{1+x}, \quad x \ge -1 or have it displayed like this:
f(x) = \sqrt{1+x}, \quad x \ge -1

For better printing:

If you print a page of jsMath from a browser that does not have the fonts installed, you will get readable but not very fine output, unless you first load the high resolution fonts. The viewer can do this by clicking on the small jsMath button in the lower right corner, and then clicking on Hi-Res Fonts for Printing. This only works on the current page, so if you bring up a new page and want to print that, you need to click again.
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